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Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, a regular, or a hardcore enthusiast, there’s no denying the fact that vaping opens up a seemingly endless list of questions that you might have in mind. 

What’s the best vape mod?

Should I get a vape pen?

How can I make my e-juice much tastier?

Is there any way to make even more vapour?

While there are many questions that are thrown back and forth regarding different discussions, how-tos, and other vape-related topics, you’re probably keen on knowing the history of vaping.

The history of vaping in a nutshell

Vaping actually has a rich history that goes far beyond the early 2010s. As a matter of fact, vaping has historical roots that extend all the way to the age of Ancient Egypt! Before O-rings, Jellyfishes, wattage, and juice flavours became the main topics of vaping as they are known today, vaping was much different back then from what it is now. 

If you want to know more about your vape on a historical level, then here’s a brief overview of its entire history up to the present:

Ancient Egypt

The earliest example of vaping recorded in history can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt, long before electricity was even invented and contained. Ancient Egyptians enjoyed the first iteration of vaping by using hot stones to create various flavours by applying different herbs on them, which meant that their “juices” were more natural! 

The early 60s

Long after the period of Ancient Egypt, the earliest example of the vape that is closest to the devices of today dates back to 1963, which is also known as the birth of the electronic cigarette. By the time 1965 came around, Herbert A. Gilbert patented his “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette device” in hopes of starting a healthier alternative for smokers. However, the smoking population was not open to ditching their cigarettes during that period.

A few years after 2000s

After Gilbert failed to spark a change with his revolutionary alternative, a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik, ended up becoming the success story of the e-cigarette industry by creating the first-ever e-cigarette. 

Motivated by the death of his father after losing his life to lung cancer because of smoking, Lik created an e-cigarette prototype with the use of a piezoelectric ultra-sound emitting component. This tiny electric component would be engineered to vaporize a pressurized jet of liquid that contained a nicotine-propylene glycol solution (which would be the base of every vape juice that is consumed today) to create a “puffable” smoke.

With the help of the Ruyan Group (alternatively called, Dragonite International), Lik was able to release the first-ever e-cigarette in 2006 all over the world after patenting it in 2003—the rest is history! 

Knowing the history of vaping makes it much easier to appreciate it as a whole, especially given the fact that it started all the way in Ancient Egypt! The next time you take a puff, think of the rich history that lies deep within your vape and e-juice as well! 

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