With the proliferation of vapour products nowadays, it’s becoming evident that smoking cigarettes are slowly growing out of trend. Considering all the reasons behind how smoking damages Men’s health, that’s welcome news. What was once seen as a cool habit is now being seen for what it truly is – a terrible habit that: reduces life expectancy and destroys cardiovascular health.

For decades, cigarette and tobacco companies have profited an enormous amount of money on the back of the public’s loss of health.

Some of the side effects associated with smoking cigarettes include hair loss, weak breathing, lower red blood cell count, lung health deterioration, and of course an expensive weekly bill that just keeps on adding every year. But smoking doesn’t just affect your health in general; it also massively reduces your ability to perform at a high level – in any athletic endeavour.

According to studies, men are more vulnerable to depression and low self-esteem than women. Countless people who try to quit, end up feeling worse every time they can’t kick the habit. Cigarettes have over two hundred chemicals, blended to create an enticing concoction that’s hard to resist. So, not only is smoking highly addictive, but it’s also debilitating.

Recognising that smoking isn’t something that can’t be shaken lightly - can easily make anyone feel like they’re not in control of their lives. Naturally, smokers tend to experience a greater lack of self-esteem compared to their counterpart non-smokers. Cigarettes also are known to cause skin damage – something which e-liquids successfully mitigate.

With the range of vaping products now available, thankfully there’s now a viable and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. With e-liquid flavours in abundance, smoking is now a far more enjoyable experience too. Instead of having the well-known and despised cigarette breath, you can have the refreshing scent of whatever colour you prefer, imbue your senses and your life.

We all need to take a break sometimes, and that’s one of the reasons why cigarettes have been and continue to be popular. But e-cigarettes mean that smokers can now enjoy their habit without the health risks. 

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