It’s a fact, Vapers are on the rise. And with the rise of Vapers comes the rise of haters. Maybe “haters” is too strong a word. But there is a distinct culture of suspicion and ridicule that sometimes surrounds those who have merely found a fun alternative to the health risks of tobacco. Whether you put it down to ignorance or malice, the below phrases are heard time and time again when it comes to vaping and it’s about time those myths went up in smoke (vapour).

Don’t blow your smoke in my face!

First off is this classic mistake from the vape-ignorant. You may find yourself in a designated smoking area or a public (and perfectly legal) place to Vape and be confronted with someone having a go, and perhaps a lecture about not wanting to get your second hand smoke in their face. In fact, it is not smoke that comes from a Vape, but water vapour, and as opposed to the smell of tobacco, is probably enjoyed by the majority of people. There is nothing harmful in the vapour, especially when noting that there are at least 4000 harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke. E-cig vapour merely contains nicotine, flavouring and water and has very few compounds within it that could be considered harmful.

Don’t Vape in front of my children

Firstly, there is no harmful effects from second hand smoke. Plus, very few people would want to or (would even think of) blowing smoke directly in a child’s face!

E-cigs are more addictive than cigarettes

There is no scientific basis for this, and in fact many people use e-cigs to lower their cravings for nicotine.

If you start vaping, you’ll start smoking

Studies have shown that young people are most likely to be influenced to smoke by their peers, parents and their stress levels. Their starting to smoke tobacco usually has nothing to do with advertising or the use of e-cigs. In fact, tobacco acts as a gateway to e-cigs, the opposite to what people believe. This is because many smokers want to reduce the harm on their bodies inflicted through smoking tobacco.

Vaping causes cancer

The only component within e-cigs which has any connection with cigarettes is the nicotine and this is not the component of cigarette’s which are linked to cancer. It is the 4000 other chemicals within tobacco that have links to harming the body, including cyanide, tar and carbon monoxide. Although nicotine is highly addictive and can cause a change in blood pressure temporarily when inhaled. There are no links between e-cigs and cancer.

You don’t know what they put in those things

All e-cig and e-liquid packets come with a detailed list of ingredients. Usually, e-cigs contain a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavorings. It is not unusual for ingredients to vary but the liquid typically contains 95% propylene glycol and glycerin. Detailed enough for you?

What kind of Wand is that?

It’s either wand, or pen and people keep on ticking off the vapers with their assumption that the higher powered vaping devices are the same as the lower powered pens. And then there is the fun poking phrase of wand. Come on guys! It’s not 2011 anymore, and the Harry Poitter franchise has been and gone. If you’re going to ridicule a vaper, perhaps be more creative so everybody can find it funny!

That sign says no smoking

The problem here is that the laws keep changing. Many places put a blanket ban on smoking and vaping in public or enclosed spaces whilst others are explicitly talking about the smoking of tobacco. There is no real threat from second hand smoke from e-cigs, this doesn’t stop people from assuming that they are as dangerous as traditional nicotine. It is true though that e-cigarette’s can be used in more places that tobacco smoking is not allowed. It is always a good idea to ask a shop keeper, bartender or anybody else in charge of an enclosed but public area if it is okay for you to smoke.

What is your favourite oil?

It isn’t an oil. The technical term for vape juice is an e-liquid.


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