Quite frankly, these vape mishaps can be very alarming indeed, and it’s all so avoidable.

Last summer, Euston station was evacuated after a vape device exploded in somebody’s bag. This caused delays and widespread panic across the city as sniffer dogs and bomb disposal units were dispatched to the station around rush hour. Albeit this is an extreme case of vaping accidents, but the fact of the matter is that it happens more often than you’d think. Vape devices have caused electrical fires in homes up and down the country and whilst the devices have been of good quality in and of themselves, it has been the use of unsuitable batteries or faulty wiring in the chargers which have led to havoc. So, how do you defend yourself against dangerous vape devices?

Don’t overheat

Vape devices can overheat very easily. The reason for this is in the fact that if you leave the power button on or it gets jammed, the atomiser can heat up and start cooking the circuit and vape juice inside. Eventually the pressure inside this will get too much and the device will burst. The way to solve this is to always allow your vape device time to cool down after long vape sessions and to change your coils when they burn out.

Only buy from quality vendors

Vape devices and vape companies are so widespread these days that sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of who you’re buying from. To make sure you are buying devices from reliable sources who won’t blow up in your face (literally and figuratively) your best bet is to always buy from respectable and trusted vendors such as No 1 E juice and their vape shops in London and elsewhere.

Find that charging sweet spot

If you under charge a particularly powerful device, you can see subpar results. If you overcharge, you could see your circuit short out, especially with the wide range of devices out there which pride themselves on going sub ohm. Make sure you don’t leave your device to charge on days on end as this can either end up with an electrical fire or see the life of the battery start to die down.

Follow the instructions!

Whatever you do, it’s always wise to follow the instructions on the vape device manual. The fact is, vape devices are all different. Each one is going to have to be looked after in its own way, so making sure that you have correctly followed how to charge your vape device, how to install the battery and the other parts correctly is vital to defend against any potential vape explosions.

Hot weather

As mentioned above, vape devices are prone to overheating, especially the more powerful devices out there. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to make sure that you keep your vape device out of direct sunlight, especially if it is an especially hot day due to the fact that this could aid in the devices inner parts overheating.

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