With more people giving up smoking than ever before, it’s not surprising that there are so many people turning to vaping. This means that there has been a surge in money into the vaping industry and a rush of people to invest in the companies and distributors like No1 Ejuice. With so many new innovations and designs, more and more people are turning to vaping as the new big thing.

And what happens when money is injected into a market place or area of interest? More and more creativity surges forth from the subject matter. Just take the growth of the post-war counter culture of rock and roll. As European and American businesses boomed from the wealth of the 1950’s and 60’s, the countries became more comfortable. And when countries or businesses become comfortable, they can broaden their horizons as they focus not only on making enough money to survive, but how to push ideas forward. Through this line of thinking it just seems like logic that vape juice companies such as 7th Floor are paying artists to create new and exciting designs for them.

Who are 7th Floor?

7th Floor are a vape designing company based out of Colorado Springs who create quality Vape devices. Made up of a team of seasoned professionals, researchers and vape innovators, 7th Floor have come up with some of the most ingenious vape device designs on the market today. One of their most famous designs was the silver surface, a desktop vaporizer that had a longevity sought after by all vapers. The company have put a lot of effort into the designs, hiring amazing artists to work on the glass patterns, all handcrafted and researched through investigation into the creation of lightbulbs. Strangely enough, the design of lightbulbs became a massive influence for at least the Slver Surfer Vape, due to the fact that both are delicate designs made of glass and are intended to have an electrical current flow through. With a vaporiser, it is slightly more complicated due to the fact that it is not only light but water vapour that is supposed to blow through. There are many other designs created by 7th Floor Vape but their work is a testament to the fact that the Vape industry is growing and seeking out creative innovations and originality.

Celebrity Endorsed Vapes

Another reason investors are flocking to vaporisers is that they are beginning to be endorsed by celebrities. Like with many products, such as the iPhone and Dr Dre endorsed Beats headphones, the Vaporiser is becoming a fashion statement. In America this has led to Santa Barbara based Kandy Pens involving rappers such as Young Thug and ASAP Rocky in their marketing. Young Thug is a 26 year old rapper from Atlanta Georgia who is known for his collaborations with musicians such as Bridman and Waka Flocka Flame as well as releasing several critically lauded mixtapes. ASAP Rocky I another American Rapper from New York is well known for his rap crew A$AP Mob as well as his debut mixtape Live. Love. A$AP which was released in 2011 to stellar reviews. Both of these musicians are known for getting millions of Youtube hits for their music videos, which are shown on music channels across the globe. This has therefore meant that advertising and marketing deals can be struck, and this is exactly what companies such as Kandy Pens have tapped into, leading to more brand awareness, a inclusion within a hip sub culture and a partnership with successful musicians. With this in mind, it’s no wonder financiers are swarming to the vape industry.

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