It’s true, vaping is definitely cheaper than smoking, especially with so many new laws on smoking leading to their being price hikes in off shore trade and import into the UK. This may seem like a boring subject to dwell on but ithe price of tobacco really does affect the price of vaping due to the fact that more people will lean towards the healthier alternative when the bank begins to strain. With this in mind No1 Ejuice is proving to be the best UK ecig store due to its range of online value packs giving customers some of the best deals on a wide variety of products, and what’s more, postage comes at the lowest price imaginable as well!

Milk Man BY One Hit Wonder

One of the most popular vape juice brands is One Hit Wonder and alongside their great value Muffin Man brand which we have spoken about in previous articles, Milk Man is also part of No1 Ejuice’s value pack deal. Having had a few pounds sheared off, Milk Man is another bakery based flavour from the great company. This time it focuses on strawberry and cream, a milky taste in the forefront of the palette is followed by an amazing strawberry after taste, subtle enough not to be overpowering but strong enough to make you want more. And at such a low price, you can have more.

Cosmic Fog’s Milk and Honey

With a trendy bottle design, Cosmic Fog are a homely and cool vape company who are opffering a deal on three packs of their milk and honey vape. With notes of Greek yoghurt, this comforting and calming vape flavour has the two note milk and honey blend seamlessly in a large cloud of smoke on the exhale. For anyone looking for a new company to try when it comes to vaping, Cosmic Fog are the ones to go to.

Looper by ANML

Another well designed bottle which allows you to save a few quid on a two bottle deal. ANML’s Looper flavour is an enticing and moreish blend of fruit cereal and creamy milk, not only perfect for breakfast but throughout the day. The complexities really show themselves when you savour the flavour whilst the indulgent flavour will speak to everyone. ANML are new on the block when compared to the decade of ejuice companies who have grown for a long time. The flavours are created by the mixologists behind Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve and Gemini Vapors, these artisan flavours are meticulously built by hand so as to create a breath taking and detailed vaping experience for vaping connoisseurs.

Tru by Blue Kilo

Tru is also on sale, a heady mix of blueberry and custard. This mixture has helped in cultivating a balance so meticulous, it will wow even the most hardened of vape tasters. The bottle comes with 3 milligrams of nicotine and is 120 millilitres. The company Blue Kilo are world renowned for creating great vaping products and have been known to create brilliantly rated e liquids. The bottle is equally minimalist and a definite collectible for those interested in cute bottles to add to their collections.

Kiberry Yoghurt by Kilo

Another gem of the value pack range at No1 Ejuice is the Kiberry Yoghurt by the ever professional and taste making Kilo vape company. This flavour is extraordinarily off the wall with this 2120 ml value pack consisting of a fruity strawberry and kiwi flavour, mixed with the creaminess of yogurt.

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