Last week Donald Trump surprised the world by winning the 2016 presidential elections. This history-making election has totally split the world - many are grieving and are still in dismay at the results, many are explosively celebrating in 'make America great' fashion.

No matter where you stand on the matter things are going to change, a lot (or “bigly” as Trump would say). Trump, whose finger used to point at aspiring business entrepreneurs and say “you're fired” on the hit reality TV shows, is now pointing America onwards and upwards.

Our day to day lives will be turned upside by Trump's desire for radical, perhaps needed, change.

One of them, you may be surprised to hear, may be the laws on vaping.

In the past, rules and regulations on vaping and e-cigarettes have been tight, strict and stilfling.

Recently the FDA finally released their e-cigarette regulations, and it was just a huge assault to the industry. Basically, the FDA made it mandatory for every single vaping product to go through an extensive and expensive FDA approval check. Not only was this adding months on the release of new vaping equipment, but it meant small businesses couldn't afford to stay in business. Some argue that this was an attempt to wipe out the vaping industry in America. Only big, long standing businesses could afford the approval checks – most of them would be old school cigarette companies.

So, what's Trump got to do with it? He's never mentioned anything about rights for vapers surely?

And you are.... correct! Unsurprisingly, he hasn't added 'Vapers rule and should be allowed to smoke everywhere and buy cheap flavours' on the bill of rights. However, his radical aspirations for how businesses should be run may mean that FDA regulations may be loosened and cut down.

If that happens, the amount of red tape vaping businesses will have to go through to release their new products will decrease dramatically and maybe help lower the price of e-cigarettes.

In conclusion, vaping will be more accessible for everyday buyers.

Who knows! It'll be interesting to see the future of industries, such as the vaping industry, under the new presidency of Trump.


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