If you are giving up one addiction, it’s very easy to dive straight into another one. With this in mind, it’s probably no surprise that people trying to give up smoking tend to put on weight. With nicotine also being an appetite suppressant, it’s a hard to fight hunger when you’re detoxing from cigarettes.

It’s hard. You’re not only dealing with being grumpy and trying to thrash away all the ‘CIGARETTE. CIGARETTE. AREN’T CIGARETTE’S GREAT? IF ONLY I HAD A CIAGRETTE!’ thoughts all day, but you can’t even direct that addictive energy towards food! Well, you can. But you can’t eat a cake whenever you have a cigarette craving.

Do you want to quit smoking but are afraid of gaining weight?

This is where vaping comes in handy! Not only does vaping help you with nicotine addiction, it can also help you lose weight in the process.

Several scientific studies surrounding vaping and weight loss have been conducted… and with positive results. Overall, it seems to be a very common theme that patients lose weight when switching from cigarettes to vaping.

Why is this?

Firstly, after giving up cigarettes, you’ll be able to go for walks, exercise and go to gym without needing catch your breath as often. The inhalation of tobacco often decreases your breath capacity, making it more difficult to sustain rigorous activity.

Another benefit of switching to vaping is the vast range of e-liquid flavors available. Some of these e-liquids could actually help satisfy your food cravings. With flavours from cake to banana sundae to pizza, you could trick your brain into thinking you’re indulging in a food craving with just a puff. That’s incredible!

efore you plan to switch from cigarettes to vaping, remember to DO SOME RESEARCH!

Vaping can be a beneficial way to cut down from smoking, as well as suppress food cravings, but this is dependent on your individual body type AND how you use your vape.

You don’t want to become dependent on your vape, as that will just cancel out some of the health benefits of giving up smoking cigarettes. It’s all about being measured with what you put in your body. Also, for any non-smokers reading this, unfortunately weight-loss is minimal for people who just pick up vaping.

Vaping is a good way to kill two-birds with one stone if you’re looking to quit smoking. Imagine, not only could you give up nicotine, you could ALSO keep a slim waistline.


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