Vape devices are incredibly handy in a range of different ways. With its economical use of electricity and often incredibly efficient circuit board, the average vape device is up there with ingenious uses of electricity. As the market develops and products increase in complexity, more and more methods of vape charging have come to light. Whether it be through internal and external batteries or through portable charging kits, the vaping landscape is vastly different to what it was a decade ago. Nowadays vape devices can last an entire days, if not several days, without being charged. Knowing what e cigarette charger kit your device uses and works best with will help you to capitalise on this ingenious device, and ensure that you never go dry in your time of need.

How do vape chargers work?

All vape devices come with a battery installed inside, or available separately When you charge your vape device, you are not charging the device in its entirety but instead charging the battery inside of it. This charging of the battery will ensure that when you fire up your device, allowing the battery to interact with the vape circuit, that there is enough electricity being produced to heat up the coil and atomiser, heating up e liquids such as harmony e liquids to produce vapour.

USB chargers

One of the main innovations in recent years for vape devices is the use of USB chargers instead of direct mains plugging. Whatever device you’re using, a USB charger will make your e cigarette efficient and flexible. A USB charger can plug into almost anything. Whether it’s a mian sadaptor or into your computer desktop, the USB charger will make sure that you can charge your device, wherever you are. USB chargers consist of a rectangular “male” connector, which can fit into any corresponding socket, whether that be into a computer or adaptor.

Another benefit of the USB charger connection is that more complex devices can install software onto your computer which will help it to upgrade its central microchip and computer processor. This will help to keep your software up to date and your variable wattage, voltage and temperature control functions working at optimum capacity.

Internal batteries

Internal batteries are usually dedicated to less powerful vape devices, meaning mid to low level vape pens and cigalikes. The internal battery is a battery which you can’t take out of your vape device, and so the lug socket is connected to the device itself. The internal battery is also used for higher powered discreet devices, such as the Aspire Breeze, which has a charging station onto which you place your device. The down side of the internal battery is that when the internal battery component begins to degrade, the device will stop working. This is why, if you’re going internal, it is best you invest in a higher quality device to ensure longevity.

External batteries

This is the most common charging kit for rebuildable mods. The freedom and versatility that the personalised vape circuit brings, also bleeds into the charging kit you use. WIth an external battery, you can pick and choose which battery you use, bringing a whole range of options onto the table. The external battery usually works by charging the battery on a charging port. If you are using disposable batteries then you will simply replace the dead batteries inside your device. WIth so many different brands, and milliamp hours to choose from, the external battery gives a lot of freedom, but means that you must get to grips with a range of electronic measurements which are not necessary when vaping with internally charged devices.

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