Understanding vape mods can be incredibly overwhelming. With new technology being introduced year after year, vaping is almost as hard to keep up with as the constant roll outs of new iPhone models! And the technology isn’t completely removed from the ultra popular smartphone. With companies coming up with new marketing strategies and constantly exploring the potential of the vape device, it wouldn’t be surprising if the new innovations in vaping that came out today, have actually existed for years already.

With a steady stream of innovations, we never know what they’re going to cook up next. That’s why the vape shop No 1 EJuice always endeavours to keep up with the best vape mods on the market, and why we always have such high quality products being sold online and in store. Below are some of our favourites, and what it is that they bring to the table that other vape mods can’t.

Vandy Vape

Vandy Vapes are one of the most exciting vape companies out there at the moment. With a range of devices which really push the limits of what vaping can do, Vandy Vape are responsible for a range of regulated mods which bring efficiency and potency in equal measure.

One of their most anticipated products which have come out this year is the Pulse BF 80 watt Box Mod. with the unique Vandy Vape chip built in, you can expect a fast and efficient variable wattage as well as a sleek carbon fibre exterior and unique squonking capabilities.


Aspire are well known for their toeing the line between pod mod kits for the less experienced vaper, and still dishing out the sub ohm wattage on their simple to sue devices. That’s the name of the game with Aspire, effortless power, giving vapers new and old something to enjoy. One famous example of Aspire’s capacity for portable, discreet yet powerful mods is in their Aspire Breeze, an all in one system which gives you the opportunity to sub ohm vape with a simple one button design.

Vapor Storm

Vapor storm are a vape company who create powerful box mods which don’t scrimp on style. Vapor Storm stand out from the crowd due to their attention to detail in both wattage capacity and creative flare. The designs of their devices are often quirky, bold and stylish, making their great power capabilities that little bit more attractive. One of their most popular devices is the Subverter 200 watt box mod, which gives you the chance to reach 0.05 ohms whilst still looking cool as hell. With a hollow carved design and bright 0.96 inch colour screen, the SUbverter is just one of the fine examples of Vapor Storms design flare.


Asvape are another example of style paired with substance, the devices often bringing a great exterior design to match the powerful sub ohm capabilities of its vape system. If you’re looking for that perfect unity of a cool looking mod and a great vape hit, then the Michael Mod from Asvape brings a zinc alloy exterior and punchy tattoo-like design to the forefront of a 200 watt 0.08 ohm mod.


VGOD are a mechanical mod company from China who are well known for their discreet style and powerful vape mods. Strictly for the pros, the VGOD mechanical mod gives you the freedom to build your circuit from scratch, held together by a VGOD crest engraved carbon fibre and copper exterior. This device will really pack a punch whilst remaining sleek and subtle.

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