Quitting smoking can be very tricky indeed but that’s why vaping has become such a popular alternative. With UK ecig companies like No1 Ejuice making their mark on the online retail world of e cigarettes, vapers are now spoilt for choice when it comes to what to buy. This can become the case so much that indeed you may not know where to start. With so many e cigarettes on the market, finding the perfect one for you means that you must have a clear image of what it is that you exactly need. Your personal specification and choosing accordingly is all that stands between being blown away by the joys of vaping, and your cigarette alternative going up in smoke.


There are countless benefits to e-cigarettes that completely outweigh any (if any) benefits to smoking. Of course, first up is the lack of chemicals which are damaging to one’s health. Cigarettes contain many chemicals such as cyanide and carbon monoxide which damage the cells in your body and more specifically the tissue in your lungs. Lungs, where most of the smoke is stored can suffer from diseases such as lung cancer and bronchitis if given prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke. The tar that comes from cigarette smoke is also damaging to one’s body as well, staining and ultimately lessening the power of your lungs. The benefit to smoking e-cigarettes is that they have none of the harmful chemicals of cigarettes as they are purely made of water vapour, the nicotine and flavours mixed in with water vapour as opposed to fire sparked cigarette smoke. This makes it much better for the human body and therefore a great way to keep healthy and keep enjoying smoking.

Throw Away or Reusable

This is important as a throw away e cig with no rechargeable battery option can become costly and a waste of money and materials. Many e-cigarettes these days come with a handy rechargeable battery kit and refillable vape cartridges meaning that you can use and use again. This also adds to a more personal touch when you vape. As opposed to the impersonal cigarettes which have no need to be due to the fact they are thrown away afterwards, an e-cig gives you the option to find the right device for you and find the right flavours to match your tastes and individuality. With so many customisable options to vaping, a cherry on the cake is that the rechargeable devices use USB ports, making them rechargeable almost anywhere where there is a power supply or computer which, let’s face it, is almost anywhere these days.

How Many mg is Right for you?

On the subject of customisability, finding the right nicotine content is crucial for your enjoyment of vaping. Getting the nicotine content wrong can either lead to not satisfying the craving or giving you too much of a nicotine hit. Neither will satisfy the customer so adapting yourself to the amount that you smoked before, whether it be two or ten cigarettes a day, will help you to find the perfect amount.

Are They Good Value?

Although they are generally cheaper than cigarettes, e-liquid can still be rather pricy. That’s why at companies like No1 Ejuice, we have our value packs that help you to buy more for less. Even when buying outside of the value pack range, our prices have been kept as low as possible.

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