The fact that vaping has only been prevalent in the United States since 2007 means that we have only had a decade’s worth of research invested into it. This is very different from the centuries old tobacco industry and so there is much discussion about the topic, back and forth debates have led to many different fields of research into e-cigarettes and has even changed the laws surrounding them, which themselves will affect even the best e cigs in the UK. So what do we know about e-cigs in regards to their tobacco descendant?

More Chemicals in Cigarettes

Cigarettes have within them over 600 chemicals. Many of these are preservatives and many are there for taste whilst the tobacco itself, when burnt releases even more into the lungs. Many of these chemicals are known carcinogens, meaning that they have within them elements which are linked to causing cancer, the rapid growth of abnormal cells in the body which is one of the leading causes of natural death in the world. In contrast to this, vape juice only has a handful. These are vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and then the concentrates which create the flavourings.

No Smoke, No Fire

Another upside to vaping is that they do not run on flames and gas. The amount of accidents and fires within the home which have been caused by cigarette embers and lighters is countless, whilst the only danger from e cigarettes comes from electrical charging units, which are constantly being perfected. On top of this, vapes only run on water vapour and do not need to be heated with fire. The benefits here are obvious, as inhaling any product which burns will cause lung damage, not to mention the tar that clogs the lungs when smoking regular tobacco.

Vaping more Socially Acceptable

The smell caused by smoking can cling to clothes, linger in rooms and cause the staining of clothes, skin and teeth. With this in mind there are some ungainly sights and health problems which accompany the habit. This has led to many bans on where people can smoke and there is even a subconscious shunning of smokers with house mate adverts often quoting the classic “non-smoker preferred” label. This has even become a badge of endorsement, if you don’t smoke you will cause less problems and keep a cleaner smelling living or work space. This has led to cigarettes being prohibited to certain areas whilst vapers are still relatively free.


In the long run, vaping will come out cheaper than smoking and will cause less pollution. The ingredients needed and the amount of time that vape cartridges and refills last mean that more and more people are switching to vaping. Tobacco has recently had its prices hiked as a deterrent to the habit and with vape devices becoming ever more durable, you can keep vaping for longer and for less money. The discounts on websites such as NO 1 Ejuice make it an affordable hobby and a far more sociable one than smoking tobacco. Although this is technically not healthier, it is by association, when you think about how different your lifestyle could be with the money sav ed from not smoking.

Curbing your Addiction

One of the great things about vaping is that you can get a great range of nicotine content levels, making it easier for the heavy smoker to begin to curb how much they need whilst also giving them a the feeling and comfort that they became accustomed to when smoking.

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