What is Mod in Electronic Cigarette?

Zmax V5 Mod

What does Mod mean in the E cigarette world? Basically itmeans modification, but it crosses over between mod for the e-cig itself orparts of the e-cig hardware. There are many ways you can modify youre-cigarette. The word can even be a verb in some descriptions, such as hemodded that to work with a different tip. There are many things you can do witha personal vapouriser (PV) to mod it out. So it is basically customising yourPV or APV (advanced personal vapouriser).

What would you want to mod your PV or APV?

Mods began because many vapours were not satisfied with thetraditional sized e-cigarette. The original ones did not measure up inperformance. By modding vapours could change out batteries with replaceableones, and to offer a choice in power voltage.

Types of mods

There are two basic styles and types of devices; Mechanicaland APV mods. They usually come in either tube or box styles. Mechanicaldevices use mechanical action to cause the completed circuit for powering theheat coils. These tend to be older mods, without the frills and bells thatnewer APVs may have. But there is a kind of sub-culture that loves thesemechanicals and handcrafts some beautiful designs.


These are all about the electronics. You can have adjustablevoltages and wattage. You can change the resistance by changing theclearomizer, check the resistance have battery level LCD screens. Some evenhave usb ports for updating internal programming through newer software. Whoever thought you could program your E-cigarette? APVs can also have differentpower outputs described by amperage. This is the amount of power that you canapply to the tank that you attach, usually between 2-5 amps.

Many mods are simply for better looks and the personality.Some like tubes some like boxes. Some like fancy some like simple. There areclear and metal atomizers depending on your taste or personal opinion. Manypeople like mods simply because they like to tinker or do DIY experiments withanything and everything. This has made the mod market flourish over the lastfew years. The replaceable parts and pieces that are used to create mods arenow more readily available and the styles and designs are growing nearly asfast as the new flavours that come out for E liquids. All in all this is agreat thing because it creates better and better units.

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