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There are so many brands, flavours and types of e juices out there to choose from, how do you know as a newbie what is the highest quality and best bang for you buck? If you are a newbie it is not cheap to get started with vaping, stocking up your library of flavours and maybe wanting to try DIY mods. So this week I will talk about E Juices.

Certified or Not?

Some E liquids are USDA certified, some are not. Because there is not yet any strict regulations e juices can be sold with or without certifications. This is where you have to do your research and ensure that the company you are purchasing from is safe. There have been some rumours about e liquids coming out of Asia that are very low quality. The UK has some great e liquids that are certified and not, but the companies are ethically bond to making high quality flavours.

Organic E Juices?

During the course of research for blogs and E Cigarette news I've run across organic E Liquids. These liquids still have nicotine if you choose levels with nicotine. But the rest of their ingredients are all certified organic. Nothing they use comes from China, even the nicotine is extracted in USA with no artificial and no additives. Each bottle is hand mixed, never purchased from other companies. If you are into organic this could be a great choice.

What makes a quality E Liquid?

To find high quality e juice, you want to know that the company starts with the highest quality, purest ingredients on the market. The main base is either PG or VG or a blend of the two. The highest quality of these have a very subtle taste which do not affect the flavours. When you try an e juice that taste chemically it is because they have used lower quality PG or VG or flavourings that are not pure. You will not get a full body flavour if the juice does not age properly. It takes at least two weeks for a flavour to properly developer.

If you are newbie or not you still want the best quality for your money. You want to buy at a reasonable price for the best! It may take a bit of research, but all in all most of the large companies are using high quality ingredients. Just watch out for really super low prices and shady advertising. 

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