2016 was a big year for the vaping industry with lots of ups and downs as new legislation was rolled into place by the Tobacco Products Directive. In May 2016, new rules were laid out regarding the sale and presentation of tobacco and e-cigarette products. Many smaller companies found themselves bewildered and the industry as a whole experienced a major shift. However, 2016 was a great year if you look at the rise in innovative designs and ideas such as the rise of pod mods and the ultra-trendy SMY Touch Box which has a touch screen like a smart phone.

With vaping continuing to take the world by storm and the new government rules in place, let’s look at what the next twelve months look like for the industry and the best e-cig brands you should watch out for.

The Pod Mod Invasion

With new regulations regarding the size and volume of tanks and e-liquids, manufactures have taken the next step by reacting with pod mods- all in one e-cigs that combine the ease of using an e-cig with the robustness of a larger device. Pod-vaping devices are closed systems which mean they use pre-filled cartridges and are not meant to be refilled by the user. This is an ideal device for vapers on the go who are too busy to be fumbling around with e-liquids, potentially creating a mess. They allow more battery and e-liquid capacity thanks to their size and the fact that they store the fluid in a disposable tank. Pod Mods are going to be huge in 2017, and there are a few brands which are already catching people’s eye.

The My. By Von Erl is a sleek compact option which has a four-inch long body which is made of high quality aluminium. This e-cigarette is perfect to carry in any pocket or bag thanks to its size and is one of the most powerful e-cigarettes around. The devices ‘push-fit’ refill system makes refilling your e-cigarette easy and mess free. You simply discard the old e-liquid cylinder, and replace it with a new one.

The Vype E-pen is more conventional looking than the Von Erl and is both larger and wider. Instead of using a tank like other pod mods, these devices use a ePen Caps which can be replaced in less than and also benefit from a larger battery capacity. There are buttons on the pen which allow you to control the intensity of your vape and a larger battery capacity which is always going to be good in the long run for when you out and about. These conical devices have vape juices which offer both flavoured and unflavoured options.

How The TPD Will Effect Vaping

May 2016 saw The Tobacco Products Directive introduce new regulations on the manufacturing and advertising of e-cigarettes. Since the new rules have been in place e-cigarette companies are not longer allowed to tell you how great new e-liquids taste, or why you should purchase their newest pod mods. Thankfully, companies can still make use of their marketing abilities by providing customers with interesting information about products and developments in the industry, and even helpful guides on how to use your chosen e-cigarette. From May 2017, products that do not meet TPD regulations will be illegal to sell. This will affect how you buy your e-cig refills as you’ll only be able to purchase nicotine liquids in container of 10ml in total. Its worth stocking up if you know you’ll need more at any given time.

Media Exposure: A Big Deal

As the new TPD regulations come into full effect in May 2017, the vaping industry will see increased media coverage as it continues to enter the mainstream. Documentaries specifically aimed at people who condemn vaping will be released including A Billion Lives and E-cigarettes: Miracle or Menace. They aim to shed light on the legitimacy of the vaping industry and to educate people, hopefully changing the perception of those who continue to condemn it. 


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