Learning The Basics

You might not at first a priority to get to grips with the mechanical workings of your e-cigarette. The thought of building your own device or learning about mechanical mods is enough to bewilder any beginner to vaping. But fear not: Learning to tinker with your e-cigarette in a way that customised your vaping experience is not too arduous. By learning to vary the wattage and voltage in your device you can regulate the power and deliver better vapour production in a way that suits you.

Variable voltage

The voltage is the amount of power charging through your device to the atomiser. Having a basic understanding of resistance is helpful in you knowing how voltage affects your vaping experience. Many of the more progressive e-cigarettes will allow you to alter the resistance of your atomiser which can produce more intense vapour cloud and deliver a more satisfying, enjoyable taste. Combining a higher power output with a lower resistance will achieve these results. One of the perks of variable voltage is that you can alter the voltage to get the perfect hit. The settings you decide to use will rely on a range of factors, including the brand you are using, the vape juice flavour and the PG/VG (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin) ratio. You want to make sure you get the balance right so you don’t end up with results which are in the extremes. If the voltage is too low you will end up with a cool, less flavoured taste. However if it too high you can end up with a dry, undesirable taste which is a result of the e-liquid literally burning. When fiddling around with the variable voltage, it’s invariably best to start at a lower voltage level and gradually increase it until you reach the perfect spot.

Variable Wattage

Variable wattage removes the inconvenience of manually regulating the voltage by doing it for you. With the variable wattage function you can determine the amount of power you want your e-cig to use and the device will adjust the power going into your e-cig, giving you a desirable hit. E-cigarettes such as TopBox Nano and KangerTech have a feature that controls the temperature in conjunction to the variable wattage.

The Advantages Of VV And VW

There are advantages to using both the variable voltage and variable wattage. If you want to have more control over your vaping experience and e-cigarette it’s definitely worth getting a more advanced device. It’s important to note however that with VV e-cigarettes, different atomisers put out different levels of resistance. Testing this every time you change your atomiser will ensure that you don’t experience a burning undesirable taste due to the e-liquid being burnt and the atomiser becoming damaged.

Is An Advanced E-cigarette For You?

If you’re new to vaping or have a limited experience with e-cigarettes it’s not a good idea to splurge on a variable device. It’s best to start off with a basic e-cigarette start kit which will give you everything you need until you determine whether you like vaping or not. If and when you decide you do want to enjoy a more customizable experience, you can then spend more money and invest in a more advanced piece of kit. Only accomplished vapers who know how to safeguard against probably hazards should handle mechanical devices. Some of the dangerous associated with handling these devices include overheating the battery, which can cause an explosion, or simply putting in more power than the device can handle which can cause the device to break down. It’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself doing any of hard work thanks to advanced technology in the e-cigarette industry. Most mods will do the work for you and include safety features such as battery and circuit conservation which ensures that the battery doesn’t overheat, potentially causing a dangerous situation. Many popular e-cig brands such as Innonkin and Kangertech offer vapes which deliver the perfect mix of vapour production and taste. It’s just a case of finding the one that’s right for you and making the purchase. 


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