In a world where vaping has taken the smoking industry by storm, thousands of flavours have been released into the market. Today, flavours can be broken down into five main categories. Vapers can enjoy fruit flavours, sweet flavours, dessert flavours, tobacco flavours, and spice flavours. All of these categories combine beautifully to offer customers an intoxicating range of delights.

Interestingly, because of the huge amount of eliquid flavours, young people have been particularly drawn to vaping as of late. According to the latest stats in the US, 1 out of 10 high school students uses vaping products. When you consider that, you may end up realising one of the reasons is because there’s such a wide assortment of flavours.

But why else has vaping taken off? At No1ejuice, we believe it’s because vaping represents the first truly successful way to quit smoking and the best overall alternative. Of course, many people have quit smoking without having to resort to vaping, nicotine patches, or therapy.

But for the most part, people have an enormous amount of trouble letting go of their addictive smoking habit. That’s due to the nicotine in the products, in addition to the whole variety of other chemicals (in the thousands).

Fortunately, eliquids notably only have four ingredients – meaning they’re much safer and healthier to consume on a long term basis. So now that vaping has gathered momentum, what are the top four flavours people enjoy worldwide? We did some research and gathered the data. You can find the results below.


For many retailers, menthol is their best selling Eliquid. Because of the clear mint flavour, customers see it as a simple, crisp, no thrills flavour which they can regularly enjoy. While sweet flavours are excellent, for some, they find that smoking them regularly causes them to get tired with the flavour more easily.

At No1ejuice, you can find our selection of top selling menthol liquids. Consider X by diamond mist or TNT ice by time bomb for two great flavours on our site.

Tropical flavour

Often called rainbow fruit flavour, this eliquid is universally loved by many. With hues of pineapples, scents of coconut, and a citrusy, tangy twist, the Eliquid provides vapers with a flavourful, sweet, rich aroma. Discover Rainbow dream by scoops on our store, our favourite tropical flavour!


Because of the number of people who switch from tobacco to vaping, they can’t get rid of their desire for the scents of smoke. At least, that can be the case in the beginning. With that in mind, if you do happen to buy an e-cigarette for a friend or loved one who smokes, make sure you also kit it out with a tobacco eliquid.

That will ensure they’re as successful as maintaining the habit of vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. Some of our most purchased tobacco flavours are Hendershot by Omega vape, eclipse by space jam, and blueprint by the empire.


How can you go wrong with strawberry? It’s such a simple flavour, but for many, it’s the best one for them. Out of all the fruit flavours available, it’s perhaps the one that tastes the most authentic.

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