Everyone wants to find out what’s selling the most before they make a purchase. After all, whatever’s the most popular is usually indicative of what’s worth buying. But then again, people are also interested in what’s new! At no1ejuice, we have a range of new products that you’ll love.

And if you’ve never tried out vaping before, we have some interesting stats to bring up. According to a study of electronic cigarettes users by Fem2Ambiente, “of those who had been vaping daily for less than one month at baseline, 93 percent were still vaping daily after one month, and 81 percent after one year. In daily vapers, the number of puffs per day on e-cigarettes remained unchanged between baseline and one year.”

Meaning, all those individuals didn’t relapse and go back to smoking cigarettes! Those rates demonstrate that vaping is far more effective traditional nicotine replacement therapy by a massive landslide. By that sense, e-vapors are not just a niche product, but a potential solution for most smokers to quit their cigarette habit.

Below you’ll find four of our newest flavours!

1. Strawberry Iced by Tailored Vapours

Imagine mixing your favourite iced tea with a delightful dropping of strawberry syrup. That’s what our new strawberry ice tea vape feels like when inhaled. It's nicotine strength is 3mg, and with four 10ml liquids for just fifteen pounds, it’s one of our best deals.

For a similar flavour but with a twist, try out Palmer Pinked Tea Eliquid.

2. Honeymelon by Tailored Vapors

Honeymelon is one of those fruits, for seasonal reasons, that we don’t always get to enjoy regularly. With the honeymelon flavour by tailored vapours Eliquid, you can bring the sensations of this fruit into your daily life.

3. Orange Citrus Sherbert Dip

If you grew up in the UK, then you most likely enjoyed sherbert in your youth. Bring the scents, sights, and sounds of your younger days by enjoying our orange sherbet trip dripup Eliquid this season.

The flavour brings together the sweetness of oranges, with the citrusy zest of lemons.

4. Peach Shark Gummies

Gummy sweets are some of the most deliciously tempting sweets you can buy. With the peach shark gummies flavour by tailored vapours, you can cure your sweet tooth and enjoy the flavours of fresh cream combined with decadent peach.


These three new flavours are at the top of our list when it comes to our new products. Often, particularly if you’ve been vaping for a while, you can get stuck in your ways with the flavours you enjoy.

By trying out the previously three mentioned flavours, you’ll bring some much-needed zest back into your vaping habits. And not only that, but you’ll also benefit from the beautiful, sensual experience of trying out something altogether different.

We have a feeling that after trying some of these flavours at least one of them will become your regular go-to flavour! Browse our selection of eliquids and vaping products to learn more about our fantastic range of Eliquid flavours.  

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