Are you a British vaping enthusiast currently in the US? Then you may want to try vaping cannabis. Here’s everything you’ll need to know.

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. That is the term which encapsulates the principal that when visiting a new place, you should make every effort to soak in the culture. That is the same for if you find yourself in US states such as Colorado or Oregon, where selling marijuana from authorised shops is legal. A new way to smoke comes in the form of vape kits, much like the ones you find in the UK with shops selling vape juices. With the logic of the heat not burn principal bringing less danger to the smoking of marijuana; it’s no surprise that this trend has caught on.

Now although there are similarities in the make-up of vape juice and cannabis oil for vaping purposes, there are some big differences when it comes to concentrates and potencies. As a beginner, you should do your research before perusing what’s on offer.

Why should you try vaping cannabis concentrates?

When in the US, you may just smoke the good old fashioned way. It may seem simpler, easier to organise and gets the job done. But there are still benefits to vaping cannabis oil that you may not be aware of and could really enhance the experience for you.

Firstly, you’ll be saving a heap on cash. Oils are far cheaper than buying dried out herbs. This is in part because of how much more concentrated the oils are compared to the dry green out there. You can find a range of different concentrates and can therefore stay within your budget, smoking more THC for less of the price.

Vape pens are also vital for vaping THC. These devices will allow you to inhale heated and vaporised oil rather than smoke. Whilst in America most people don’t use tobacco when they smoke marijuana, you’re still looking at inhaling burnt matter, which will still have a whole range of dangerous chemicals in them. The very concept of inhaling a burnt substance can release dangerous carcinogens, whilst inhaling water vapour comes with little to none of these effects.

Vape pens will simply enhance the flavour. With less of the taste of burning and the concentrations in the oil, you’ll be looking at far more of a kick when it comes to the sweet taste of marijuana. Whether you’re a fan of the taste or not, there’s no denying that it adds heaps to the flavour.

Another important factor with the vape device and marijuana is that it’s far easier to get up and go. No waiting around in the cold winds whilst you attempt to roll a joint, instead you’ll be able to take your trusty, pocket sized vape pen from your bag and have a quick vape whilst going about your everyday business. It’s as simple as that.

Types of concentrate

So, what should you look out for when vaping concentrates? There are a range of choices you can choose from and finding what suits you is part of the key to your enjoyment.

First off, is the difference between CBD and THC. Both of these chemicals make up varying parts of the cannabis plant and have different applications. Whilst THC has more psychoactive effects and can help those suffering from joint pain and HIV, CBD is useful in the treatment of schizophrenia and other mental disorders due to the lack of psychoactive effects it brings out in the user.

The common concentrates of cannabis oil you’ll find are:


This dusty yet potent oil is the derivative oil of the same THC heavy resin you’ll find at the bottom of a grinder. This is one for the seasoned marijuana vaper.


Like Kief in its potency, hash is instead scraped from the plants surface, rather than it’s dregs and is packed into a concentrated “brick”.

Butane Hash Oil

With a sticky viscous texture to it, this oil uses butane gas in the chemical process of making the oil. Be wary, the THC concentration is around 80%, tending to knock out the novices relatively quickly.


Rosin is the most natural of the processes, not having to use any solvents to take out the oil extract. Instead the marijuana flower is pressed with heat and a thousand pounds of weight so as to extract the sap from within them.

CO2 Oil

Runnier in its fluidity, the CO2 Oil uses carbon dioxide in the process of oil making. This one is for the less discrete vapers, due to its strong smell.

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