Maybe it’s the throwback original taste, maybe it’s bucking the sweet treat vape juice trend, but tobacco flavoured juices have never been more popular.

Tobacco flavoured vape juices have been around since the inception of vapes. Back in the 60’s when the first vape device was patented; the tobacco flavour was the first flavour ever tasted. Even today, more than five decades later, vape juice has come a long way, yet the tobacco flavour still exists as one of the most popular on the market.

So why are people still flocking to tobacco flavour vape juice? It could be to do with the bitter yet sweet tinged rustic draw which tobacco originally brought to our attention. The taste of tobacco smoke is pleasing to some, the taste unlike any food or drink you’ll find out in the weird and wonderful world of tastes. You may find that many of the tastes of vape juices are merely trying to imitate food flavours, so bringing it back to the original taste which tobacco had in the first place to be the most original.

Whilst vaping brings with it a safer way to ingest nicotine, many ex-smokers still crave cigarettes and their tastes. That’s why most cig-alike variations of the vape device out there are pre-flavoured with either menthol or tobacco flavours. This gives ex-smokers trying to give up the dangerous habit a more authentic smoking experience than any other flavour or device can. With that in mind, many non-smokers may still find tobacco flavours to be satisfying regardless of their smoking history.

Not all vape companies invest in the tobacco flavour juices. Finding the brands that offer the best varieties can be difficult, but below you can find a few of our favourites.

NS20 555

Element’s NS20 555 is an award-winning tobacco flavour blends the true original with hints of hazelnut, almond and vanilla, making it a truly original and delicious vape experience. You’ll find the smooth draw and intricate flavour blend to take you further than just your everyday tobacco flavour. What’s more, this flavour combines Element tobacco’s nicotine salt based e-liquid range with a rich and textured tobacco flavoured experience. With 20 mg of nicotine, and a 65 percent VG content, you can be sure to get a deep vape cloud combined with great flavour.

American Cowboy by Naked

Vape like a rancher in the Wild West. The American Cowboy brings you back to the alluring roots of flavour country. That dry draw with character filled and rich hints of nostalgic flavours, will really make for a great tobacco flavour. The American Cowboy flavour is both classy and refined, especially with its cool VG heavy ratio at 65 making it a great choice for cloud chasers.

Euro Gold by Naked

Inspired by the lighter tobacco flavours of Europe, you’ll have a refined and classy vape inhale with the Euro Gold offshoot of Naked. Compared to the heavier American Cowboy flavour, the Euro Gold conjures images of Paris and Europe’s cultured cities. With this flavour you can expect subtler flavours yet a bold tobacco flavour which you won’t be able to put down. This one is great for those looking for an authentic replacement for smoking tobacco.

Blue Print Empire E liquid

A great tribute to tobacco’s distinct flavours from independent California based company, Blue Print are really making a mark on the vape industry with their unique flavours and beautiful bottles. With a sweet tobacco flavour, you can be sure that vape juices like this unique tobacco flavour are few and far between.

Hendershot by Omega Vape

With it’s bold and fun design, Hendershot is the tobacco flavoured e liquid for those with a fun side. The great packaging comes complete with an easy to use pipette whilst the sweetness of the tobacco flavour makes the vape inhale pure plain sailing. Whether you’re an ex-smoker or not, you’ll love the flavour of the Hendershot juice with it’s thick 60 percent VG making great clouds on the exhale.

The Legend by Vintage E Liquid

With a card print package to keep in your collection, the Legend flavour from Vintage is as unique a flavour as it is a piece of art. The addition of caramel and vanilla to the tobacco flavour gives this flavour a real vintage feel.

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