Vaping age limit change to 21 in USA

In the United States, a person must be at least 18 years old to purchase a pack of cigarettes, and most states ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. With such legislation in place, the American Medical Association is further proposing the legal age for buying electronic cigarettes to be raised to 21. They want to increase the limit to reduce the access of electronic cigarettes by teens.

Now, how is that proposal going to help if an 18 year old can still buy a pack of traditional cigarettes with ease? It seems that the American Medical Association has priorities upside down. Why are they targeting electronic cigarettes instead of focusing their efforts on fighting tobacco use?

The Indiana attorney, Dr. Zoeller sent a letter to the FDA, asking lawmakers to set strict rules on vaping. He said, "It is very hard to believe that Americans are ready to sit back and watch their kids adopt addictive habits, after working so hard to minimise smoking and tobacco use among teens."

The problem with the sentiment of Zoeller is that he does not understand anything about electronic cigarettes. After all, the scientific evidence shows that electronic cigarettes are tobacco free and are not a gateway to tobacco use, since they are not perpetuating a culture of addiction.

It is also sad to hear a reputable body like the American Medical Association, asking the FDA to implement the
age limit regulations right away. This newest policy expands on the longtime effort by the American Medical Association to help keep all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes from the hands of young people.

Dr. Robert Wah, the American Medical Association president said, "We urge the FDA to act faster in implementing the proposed rule to effectively control electronic cigarettes use."

In his explanation, Wah included electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, but scientific evidence shows that they are tobacco-free. Is this another scare tactic and an intentional oversight? Why are influential leaders demonising electronic cigarettes when they are actually helping many smokers

With your sound mind, don't serve the interest of tobacco cigarette companies at the expense of the your health!

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