Welsh Government Bannd the in door vaping

Mark Drakeford, the Health Minister for Welsh Government in2014 published a new health white paper. He suggested a complete ban on the useof electronic cigarettes in places of work and enclosed public places. Manyvaping advocated and vaper users have worked hard to prevent this, using validscientific evidence. However, this week the health minister seems to bedetermined to carry on regardless of the efforts made by the Welsh AssemblyMembers and the current evidence.

In an interview conducted on BBC radio, Dr. Mark made anumber of statements relating to the use of e-liquids and electronic cigarettesin public places. He argued that the use of electronic cigarettes in work andan enclosed public places undermines the smoking ban. This is a misleadingstatement. According to the survey conducted by the Chartered Institute ofEnvironmental Health shows that there is an impressive 99.7% compliance ratewith the smoking ban, and they found no evidence to support the claim thatvaping in public undermines this.

Dr. Mark went on to state that vaping in the public placesleads to the renormalisation of smoking. Again, this is an ill-fated statement.Following the latest research conducted by the Professor of Health Psychologyand Director of Tobacco Studies at University College London's Department ofEpidemiology and Public Health, professor Robert West, shows that there is noevidence to support the claims that electronic cigarettes risk re-normalisingthe use of tobacco cigarettes. He also conducted an extensive survey and foundthat renormalisation is actually not happening.

Again, Dr. Mark stated that electronic cigarettes areregularly used by an increasing number of teens and a sure gateway to tobaccosmoking. Once again, this statement is false. The survey, conducted byProfessor Robert West shows that teens are not using electronic cigarettes insignificant numbers. However, vaping amongst the youth is confined almostentirely to those who previously or currently smoke.

Finally, Dr. Mark claims that if a child split e-liquid ontheir hands they would die. Let's face the fact here, electronic cigaretteshave been used since 2003 and used by over three million people in the UKalone. To date, there is no known case of a child dying as a result of spillinge-liquid on their skin globally.

Overall, never give on electronic cigarettes tomotivate your lifestyle! Don't listen to antielectronic cigarettes advocates,they care less about the public health rather than their ill-fated ideologies.

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