Vape devices are complex creatures, bringing with them a range of unexpected noises that may alarm.

Fear not however, not every noise means your vape device is about to explode. Many are just natural sounds coming from processes happening within your device. There are many components to the insides of a vape device, and all of them interact differently with the way that you personally use e liquid. Whatever quantity and flavour you buy from your favourite vape shops in London, there will always be differing experiences and sounds.

One which is common to many though, is a crackling and popping sound coming from your vape device whilst you inhale. Whilst this may sound alarming when it’s happening, it is often harmless enough. Sometimes there may be problems with your device, and below you can find out how to differentiate between the two.

What’s in a sound?

The crackling and popping often in heard in vape devices is often, a completely normal process. If anything, it is a great indicator that your vape device is working properly. The sound usually comes from your vape juice interacting with the heating elements within your device. Think of a kettle boiling. As the water heats up, it creates a rumble within the kettle before producing water vapour. Like a kettle, your vape device is holding some very hot substances, and as the e juice heats up, it is no surprise that it will also make noise. The intensity of the crackling however, depends on the power of the vape device you are using.

What ingredients are in your e liquids?

One aspect of spitting e liquid which is a cause for concern is when it comes to e liquids. Thinner e liquids, those which are heavier in propylene glycol, will spit more due to the liquid being less viscous. This means that the vapour will heat up quicker and may lead to spitback in higher powered devices. Vegetable glycerine, the compound in e juice which carries the thick vape clouds you exhale, makes less of a crackle and is more sought after than its propylene heavy counterparts due to the

Vape devices

Crackling coils

Coils are known for being one of the reasons for the popping sound in vape devices. Whilst normal vape coils will cause some popping, you’ll hear more coming from twisted and double braided coils due to their having more surface area and little curved gaps. These little areas are known for causing more reactions and heating in the vape device.

Watch your wattage

It should go without saying that the higher the power on your device, the more crackling you will hear. With low resistance devices such as sub ohm mods, you’ll be using larger coils and more wattage and voltage. The loud crackle may also come from a tighter airflow on these devices. Twist the collar of your vape device to loosen the airflow and get a quieter vape hit.

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