Nicotine gum is one of the many smoking cessations out there. Does it match vaping though?

Nicotine gum was one of the most used smoking cessation devices out there. That was before the introduction to vaping. With many still using nicotine gum as a replacement for smoking, the effects can be hard to measure, especially with the sheer amount of nicotine contents in the gum. Whilst it has helped many people quit smoking, there are of course going to be side effects from using nicotine products which are aimed at addicts. Below are some of the top tips for using nicotine gum and how they fare against vape devices.

What is nicotine gum?

Nicotine gum is a type of gum which has been used for many years to curb addiction to smoking, lessening the debilitating effects of tobacco. Nicotine gum comes in many strengths and has several major companies across the world which make the product. Nicotine gum is made from regular chewing gum which has had nicotine added to it alongside a range of flavourings including menthol and peppermint. The gums come in a range of strengths which correlate with how much you smoked during your tobacco days.


How do you use nicotine gum?

Nicotine gum, like most gums, is chewed. By chewing the gum, the nicotine is absorbed into your bloodstream through the lining of your mouth along with the gum flavourings. You should get a peppery and sometimes bitter taste accompanying the absorption of the nicotine. One key tip for cutting the cigarettes through nicotine gum is to make sure that you only chew the gum around 15 minutes after eating or drinking. This is because if you ingest it any sooner, the nicotine will be absorbed with the food and not be taken into the body.

Side effects of nicotine gum

There are a range of side effects which come with nicotine gum which you should watch out for. The reason for this is that you are ingesting nicotine in different quantities and so people with different tolerances will no doubt experience different effects from it.


Nausea is a well-known side effect of ingesting too much nicotine gum. This may be because you are using too high a dosage, or it may be that you have not built up a tolerance to nicotine yet. The nausea can also bring dizzy spells and thirst with it, as your body reacts to having ingested too much nicotine. Other instantaneous effects of having ingested too much nicotine can include headaches, in part due to the dehydration and vasoconstriction which comes alongside nicotine ingestion. This is why nicotine gum is only recommended for use by and is only meant for use by those who are already addicted to nicotine. The intake can be intense, and the taste is nowhere near as nice as normal gum.


Many of those who try nicotine gum complain of having very vivid dreams. The reason for this is in that taking too much nicotine into the body can trigger the brain to become excited. This stimulation in cigarettes has been known to lead to more immediate panic attacks but with the different way that nicotine gum is ingested to cigarettes, it stimulates the brain over the long term. This means that vivid dreams and sometimes nightmares can occur more regularly and sometimes lead to insomnia as well. Concentration can become an issue if your brain can’t focus due to overstimulation.

Vaping or nicotine gum?

One alternative and ex-smoker compatible cessation tool is vaping. This differs to nicotine gum due to the parallels in nicotine intake between e liquid and tobacco. There is a reason why the first generation of vape devices looked like cigarettes and that is due to the psychological and habitual rituals which come alongside smoking. Part of the pleasure is in the vape hit, the inhale and exhale from the e liquids. Therefore, it’s always helpful to ask in your favourite vape shop in London for the best methods for making a transition from tobacco to nicotine alternatives. Whilst gum can be good for the short term, it can also bring negative effects, especially due to the large amount of nicotine found in the gum and the sheer amount of flexibility and control vaping gives you over your nicotine intake.

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