Vape devices have slowly come under more coherent rules. What was once a grey area is now well and truly set in stone

Understanding the laws of vape devices and the security concerns that come alongside them has never been more important. Whilst a few years ago there were probably airlines who didn’t even know what their policy was, nowadays you can find that it is far more black and white.

When you arrive at your flight gate, many people will begin to mentally check a list of things they’ve managed to or forgotten to pack. On top of this, you may think through anything which could trigger security to drag you into an interrogation room. No one wants that, police questioning could mean missing your holiday flight to Barbados.

With vaping becoming ever more popular as a smoking cessation tool, more and more people will be trying to get their heads round what the law says about their vape devices on a plane. Below is everything you’ll need to know to transport your vape device safely and lawfully.

Vaping and the TSA

The TSA, or the Transport Security Administration is an organisation who regulate the security of transport across flights and other services. This means that they ensure that everything in your hand luggage, or anything that you are carrying is legal and safe to fly with. With vapes coming onto the scene, the problem of liquids and electrical objects on board a plane has become a pressing concern. That is why in recent years they have outlined some rules concerning vaping and flying.

Can you bring your vape on a plane?

Bringing a vape device onto a plane is the same as bringing any other electrical device such as a laptop or a phone. You can have them in your hand luggage, but you can’t use them on board the plane (except for phones in airplane mode). You must store your vape device away in the overhead locker before your plane takes off and must ensure that your device is switched off. The reason or this is that electronic equipment can interfere with navigation systems aboard planes and must therefore be switched off.

Can you bring your vape paraphernalia on a plane?

Again, whether it is vape juice or your charging kit, you must ensure that it is all safely stored away in your overhead locker so that it is in no danger of switching on. On top of this, you may want to consider how to store your vape liquids. Although the bottles or containers will mostly be within the regulations for liquids you are allowed on a plane, they could be at risk of leaking due to the pressure changes encountered during the flight. Make sure you have placed the liquids in a plastic bag which is tightly sealed, ensuring you don’t get any vape juice on that new shirt you bought during your holiday.

Can you use a vape on a plane?

The problem with using a vape device whilst flying is that they can give of quite a lot of vapour, especially if it is a sub ohm device.Alongside a vape device potentially interfering with the planes navigation system, you will also be giving off vapour, which could be mistaken for smoke. Any sign of smoke in a plane will no doubt lead to widespread panic and the potential for the plane having to make an emergency landing.

Do all countries allow vaping?

So, when you get to your destination, will you find any vape shops there? This depends from country to country. Whilst some countries allow you to vape whilst there, they may prohibit the selling of vapes. Other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, ban them altogether. It is best to do some research on vaping before you get to a country as penalties can sometimes be harsh.

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