All things considered: appreciating the pros and cons of vaping

If you’re a regular smoker but are attractedto and have found yourself becoming interested in vaping, then you’ll have probablyheard a good deal about it; mostly opinion-based, no doubt, and perhaps notbased on facts. And probably not from anyone who knows vaping properly. Well,if all that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place to discover and explorethe pros and cons of regular vaping…


  • Staying off the smelly ciggies – vaping may appear similar to tobaccosmoking but it’s actually quite a different thing; smell’s just one, but abiggie, given smokers carry around with them all the time that smoky stinkwhile, instead, vaper walk about with aromas like cinnamon buns, strawberries andcotton candy
  • Regaining your health – too often smoking, which isobviously incredibly bad for you in the first place, simply breeds behaviorthat makes you even less healthy; for instance, many smokers don’t exercise asmuch as they should because they become despondent about their health ingeneral, which can bring on obesity, depression and other physical and mentalhealth problems, yet vaping (95 percent less harmful to the body than smoking,according to Public Health England) can improve health (much less coughing andnausea and much improved energy levels, skin and circulation) and bring about awhole new mindset towards it
  • Saving cash – vaping need not be expensive at all; yes, itcan become a hobby that you can spend money on but only if you want to as it’scheap as chips to get started with at a simple, starter level with easy-to-use,inexpensive e-cig kits and, that said, once you’ve worked your way up to a vapemod (if you do), all you then have to fork out on is affordable e-juice andreplaceable coils to achieve your perfect hits
  • Customisation – whatever the level of your experience as avaper, you’re free to choose the nicotine level that suits you best (whetheryou’re a rookie who’s newly arrived from smoking, an intermediate or a seasonede-cig user); just buy an e-juice with the most suitable nicotine volume for youa recommended outlet, like a vape shopLondon.


  • Dried-out mouth – so long as you stay hydrated,you’re unlikely to be afflicted (too badly) by a dried-out mouth from vaping,but it does happen
  • Dizziness – too much nicotine and you’re likely to sufferfrom dizziness, headaches, feeling flush or even feeling nauseous; that said,if you’re coming to vaping from smoking this should be something you’re alreadyaware and you should know how to counter it… simply reduce your nicotine level(see above)
  • Allergies – should you be allergic to any nuts, any fruitsor any kinds of chocolates, be sure to check the ingredients of any e-juiceyou’re thinking of purchasing before parting cash for it, as they can be usedas flavourings for these fluids at trace level; if you’re aware that you’re allergicto either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) be sure to choose ane-liquid that doesn’t containthe oneyour body rejects, as practically every e-juice will comprise one of these twochemicals (many comprise both)
  • Battery safety – technically speaking, there isn’t such thingas a battery that’s been specifically manufactured for popping into a vape pen,cigalike, vape mod or box mod and so used for vaping and yet the 18650 batterytype is omnipresent in vaping devices and, yes, on occasions you hear ofproblems with these such batteries, but frankly that’s almost always becausenegligent vapers have misused theserechargeable batteries, sometimes resulting in injury; so don’t become astatistic and educate yourself how properly to recharge and, of course, usevape batteries!

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