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Vape jam 2016 

Vape Jam was a success. For those who missed it, Vape Jam is a leading electronic cigarette expo that just happened in April 2016. The three-day event presents novices and seasoned vapors to new vaping technologies, unique formulations of new E-liquid, as well as the latest toys and gadgets that will only augment your vaping experience. The event took place in Excel London, anointed with two consumer days.

The first Vape Jam gathering happened last year, with excellent success. Just like last year, the place was jam-packed with vaping enthusiasts. The Vape Jam is one of the few public opportunities for fanfare and gathering, solidifying the Vape industry in the UK market. Vaping is now a multibillion-dollar business, with suppliers quick to show off new gadgets to an enthusiastic audience. For us at NO.1 EJUICE, Vape Jam was a colossal success.

Introducing our new Snap Mad Mango Flavor

Snap Mad Mango was made with long-lasting flavor in mind. Snap Mad Mango has its savor steeped for a long time, giving it a rich, fruity flavor. The Snap Mad Mango was manufactured in a clean room, making sure that there aren't any contaminants that can alter its smooth taste. A proper mixologist helps to ensure that you are getting the finest in Snap Mad Mango.

Snap Mad Mango comes in at 90% VG. Regardless of its level, all of our bottles are up to date with warning labels, also ensuring that the nicotine is of a kosher grade. We take legal mandates and laws seriously – each bottle is decked with a child safety lock. We also take meticulous care about our labels, which is why each label is laminated to demonstrate the quality of Snap Mad Mango.

Introducing French Dude

Made by Vape Breakfast Classics, French Dude smells like a tasty piece of French toast with notes of blueberry, whipped cream, and maple syrup. A new popular for many, French Dude is a relative newcomer that is flying off of our shelves. Not only is French Dude unique tasting, but the packaging is also unique. Each box of French Dude comes with in a 60mm bottle E-liquid and two 30 mm unicorn bottles. A button and a keychain also come with each package.

At NO.1 EJUICE, we put quality in everything that we invest on. We are dedicated to bringing you the best e-juice and e-liquids at affordable prices. It only makes sense that we adopt Snap Mad Mango and French Dude into our arsenal of quality products. We bring you over 20 brands and we are only expanding our inventory. As one of the largest distributors in the United Kingdom, we have established a close relationship with suppliers and our dedicated brand loyalists. At No.1 EJUICE, you can count on us to be innovative and bring you the latest in the Vaping industry.

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