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This May The Vaper Expo will be returning to the Birmingham area for the second year in a row. Possibly the biggest and most recognized expo anywhere in the United Kingdom, this one offers a large number of retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and even distributors. Avid vapers and newbies alike can check out this expo and find out more about the products they use, the newest products available from their favorite companies and even check out some special samples.

The Expo offers over 200 of your favorite brands and that's going to give you the opportunity to try out some that you may never even have heard of before. Whether you just want to check things out or you want to pick up some new hardware, new vapors or anything in between there's plenty of companies there to talk to and even just get some more information about vaping in general. That's what comes from talking with the experts after all.

Because you get to really interact with experts you're going to find out even more than you ever could from even a physical storefront. The expo itself will also offer you plenty of opportunity to just have fun so you can check out the DJ's and other entertainment opportunities. That means everything from a street magician to a vaping robot (and who wouldn't want to see that?). Even if you aren't sure whether you want new products or not or even if you're happy with your current products you'll be able to find plenty at this expo to make you more than happy to have visited.

Going on May 6, 2016 - May 8, 2016, you'll get the best rates by showing up early and you'll definitely get more options when it comes to the samples and the products that you want to buy. Tickets can be purchased at the door so don't let this opportunity pass you by. Get in the car and make a weekend of it.

Meet Us at The Expo

No.1 EJuice will be attending this expo as well and that means you'll have access to our great team to find out anything you want to know about vaping and the products we offer. You'll also have plenty of opportunity to try out just about everything we have from our hardware to the great e-liquids and juices we've been offering to our customers for years. Make sure that you come visit our booth at the expo where we will not only have samples and products for sale but we'll also have some great deals and special offers so you'll get the best prices possible on anything you need.

Even better, we have a new store opening in Bromley where we'll be selling all of our great products. This will be our second physical location store and we're excited to share our great products and offer the same great deals in our storefront location as we offer through our online location. You'll be able to get one-on-one advice and information about vaping through the physical store however so we definitely want to welcome you to come in as soon as the store opens. Though we aren't sure exactly when that will be, make sure that you stay tuned and we'll let you know right away.

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