The Reasons Behind Lab-Made E-liquid

Sometimes we get asked what the difference between our premium e-liquids and standard, economical varieties, and we've found that there is a lot of misinformation circulating about the process of creating a premium product. In short, there is more precision involved in producing an e-liquid than some people realize.

The only way to guarantee 100% consistency in the production of e-juice products is to reduce any variables that might change the process. Without the proper air filtration, for example, the production environment isn't at its most stable and the end product can be affected. We know that our customers want to be absolutely sure:

  • That they're consuming ingredients that are manufactured with the highest levels of quality and consistency.
  • That the company that manufactures their e-liquid uses the best handling and shipping practices.

These guarantees can only come from a lab, where industry experts closely analyze the best flavor combinations under safe, clean and reproducible conditions. When the product that you consume is created by people with a passion for producing the highest quality products and are constantly striving to maintain a high quality level, everyone involved wins.

The ingredients used in manufacturing these e-liquids aren't certifiably pure, and the processes used to produce these inferior products are prone to error and contamination that may negatively affect your vaping experience. You wouldn't buy medicine or food out of a stranger's basement or garage, made without proper testing and low-grade ingredients. Why would you take that chance with the e-liquid that you consume?

Knowing that precise manufacturing comes from a long process of lab testing and perfecting production by experts in the field, No.1 EJuice strives to never stock e-liquids that we don't know the origins of. On our shelves and on our site, you'll only find lab-made e-liquids, ensuring you the safest, highest quality and most consistent tasting products on the market.

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