Underage Vaping And What You Can Do

Of course, vaping is nowhere near asharmful as smoking, but there are age laws for a reason. Just as three decadesago, you could smoke in pubs and kids as young as 12 were getting a taste fortobacco, nowadays lots of kids are turning to vaping. There are a range ofreasons for this, and when it comes to the use of vape juices by underage kids,there are definite warning signs to look out for. It’s normal for kids toexperiment however, and it’s best to approach the issue with your children in away which won’t antagonise.

Achild is more likely to smoke cigarettes if they have already vaped

According to the data compiled by sixdifferent studies on vaping, minors are four times more likely to smoke if theyhave already tried vaping. This is common sense, once they’ve tried one, whynot try the other. Many kids would prefer vaping to smoking, it just tastesbetter, and whilst it is still illegal and should be stopped, it is a betteralternative than smoking.

Nicotinecan be poisonous

In large quantities, nicotine is extremelypoisonous. Animals and babies have died from drinking vape juice from thebottle. If you have a low tolerance to nicotine, this can be extremelydangerous, and as they are underage and probably haven’t experienced nicotinebefore, they may get nauseous from vaping with nicotine concentrated e juice.

Vapebottles are childproof for a reason

With that in mind, it’s no wonder vapejuice bottles are child proof. These tamper-proof bottles are designed to keepunderage kids out, and whilst a savvy teen will no doubt be able to open it,you can be rest assured younger kids won’t be able to.

Vapingcan be dangerous if you don’t charge correctly

If you’re kid gets hold of a vape mod or anunregulated and rebuildable device, you better hope they have a decentunderstanding of electrical circuitry and ohms law. Vape devices all have asimple looking but complex electrical system powered by a battery. Most vapedevices need to be charged, and if you overcharge, use the wrong battery foryour device or power it further than the device can handle, the minor inquestion might see their device go up with a real bang.

Vapingcan lead to nicotine addiction

By its very nature, many vape shop e liquids contain nicotine.This means that in ingesting it, you are opening the risk to addiction, whichcan take a long time to win a battle against. Dissuade your child from lettingnicotine get a grip on them and ensure that they avoid addiction.


CBD is a chemicalfound in cannabis plants, and whilst it doesn’t contain the psychoactive andoften harmful THC from your illegal cannabis strains, cannabidiol is still acontrolled substance which is used for medical purpose. Anything used formedical purposes shouldn’t be used recreationally by minors.


Are you worried your child is vaping? Hereare a few signs for you to pick up on in case you are worried that they havestarted down the vaping road. If they have, don’t worry too much, just sit themdown and talk to them calmly about the dangers which can come from using eliquids underage.

Chargingdevices in their room which you don’t recognise

You know a laptop charger, you know an MP3or phone charger, but what is that strange battery pack or USB wire with afunny end? If you see something like this, it could well be a vape chargingkit. You could always “lose” it for your child, but they might know you’ve beengoing through their stuff.

Sweetsmells coming from their room

Vapour can linger, especially if the userhas been cloud chasing, billowing large amounts of vapour into the air. Thismeans that you can sometimes smell vapour a few minutes after they have stoppedvaping. If you start smelling sweet or tobacco-like smells from the room of theminor, then it might be a sign that they are trying to vape inconspicuously.

Morethirsty than usual

Nicotine and vapour can dry out your mouthwhen inhaled. If your child is drinking more water than usual, or you noticedrier lips, it might be a case of their using, or overusing of vape liquid.

Signsof nicotine addiction

If they haven’t been able to get a moment tothemselves to vape, then you may notice your minor becoming more irritable, orbecoming unable to concentrate on specific tasks. Your teen might not be ableto sleep properly or have more of an appetite than usual. Nicotine consumptioncan make one lose their appetite, so prolonged withdrawal from it will mean youhave stronger hunger pangs than you did before.

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