Vaping is one of the most advanced everyday technologies available to the public. With this awe inspiring alternative to smoking, it’s often rather easy to take the tech behind it for granted. When it comes down to it however, the circuitry and electrical power within a vape device is some of the most complex for the monetary price it comes at. Although advanced, most of the power from a vape device comes down to the use of your everyday battery. These simple batteries do require care, and knowing the ins and outs of you’re average vape battery will help you to ensure the longevity of your device and the safety of your vaping experience. Whether it’s your first time vaping or you’re a vape juice veteran, knowing your battery and the power it holds is definitely worth your time.

The different kinds of vape battery

There are a wide range of vape batteries out there, and many will suit certain devices more than other. When it comes down to it, one brand may give you better mAh (milli-amps per hour) than others, meaning that they have a better usage time between charges. Before you think about the longevity of the battery however, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of device will suit your needs.


Cigalikes usually have internal batteries. This means that you charge the vape device itself, rather than take the battery out from within. Many of the more primitive cigalikes are not even rechargeable. When the battery dies, you have to throw it away. Others are chargeable through a USB charging kit.

Vape pen

Whilst some of the mid range vape devices use internal batteries, more modern variations use external batteries. The great thing about external batteries is that when the batteries begin to lose their potency, even when recharged, they can simply be replaced by a new one, rather than having to replace the whole vape device altogether.

Vape mod

Almost all vape mods use external batteries. This is because the devices are designed to be flexible and rebuildable, meaning that the user has the freedom to pick and choose their vape battery as well.


There are two sizes of vape battery which are sold. The first is the 18650 battery. Measuring 18 mm by 65 mm, these are the most common size of vape battery. Bigger devices may double, or even triple up on the 18650 battery, ensuring that you have the power and low resistance with which to sub ohm vape. Most of these batteries are made from lithium ion and are protected through extra casing.


These batteries measure 26 mm by 70 mm, and bring a lot more than the 18650. These batteries are usually reserved for the rebuildable, often unregulated mods on the market, usually saved for the vaping pro rather than the beginner.

Automatic batteries

Automatic batteries are another term you may come across when you first begin vaping. These are batteries which are inhalation powered, meaning that when you take a hit on your vape device, they will automatically power on, rather than any button having to be pressed. The automatic battery is most commonly used in the cigalike.


Manual batteries

A manual battery simply means that you have to press a button to power it up. This is most commonly seen in the more advanced vape device, ensuring that when you press the fire button, you’re circuit will start running.

Vape battery safety

There have been many instances of vape battery explosions. Vape batteries being overcharged, overheating, or bursting is one of the most crucial elements of keeping safe whilst vaping. Whilst it is far safer to inhale than cigarette smoke, you still have to ebw eary of the fact that you are using an electrical device.

Never overcharge

When your vape battery is full, whether internal or external, a blinking light should indicate that it is as full as it can be. Once it is charged to the max, take it off, otherwise your isk the battery overheating.

Use the right battery for your device

Read the tech specs of your vape device. Find out whether your vape device can handle the batteries you have bought for it through the maximum wattage or voltage on both device and battery.

How to help your battery last longer

You can ensure that your vape battery lasts as long as possible, ensuring that you get your money’s worth. Take short drags rather than prolonged inhales, turn it off when your not using it, and simply keeping it out of sunlight will all help prolong the life of your vape battery. Other tips include charging before the battery goes flat and fully charging the battery pack upon purchase.

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