Turn on, fill up and vape out: how to switch on a SMOK Vape

So, you’re ready for a vape session withyour awesome new SMOK device… yes, you’re looking forward to delicious, fluffyclouds of vapour and a brief period of unadulterated relaxation. And off yougo; you fill your vaporiser with your favourite vape juice and push the powerbutton. But then, wait… the device isn’t coming on. What gives!

Now, whether this SMOK Vape (perhapsbought from your trusty vape shop Southend ) is your first e-cig device or your 500th, trying to figure outhow to unlock this particular brand of device should you be coming to it newcan be a challenge – and make you feel like a total vaping noob. But don’t feelsilly and don’t worry, just follow the steps in our guide…

  • First,locate your device’s main fire button, which also functions as the power on/offbutton. Most SMOK devices have just a single button, sometimes two or three. Ifyour specific device has more than one button, and you aren’t sure which one isthe main fire button, take a quick look at your instruction manual. It, likemany people, you tossed the manual in the trash after opening the box, all hopeis not lost. Luckily for you, most SMOK vapes have an online manual that youcan find with a quick Internet search. A little tip for your next vape device:read the manual cover to cover and store it in a safe place for when you needto refer back to it.
  • Likeall vaporisers, SMOKs have a lock system. This system is a protectivemeasure to ensure that the vaporizer doesn’t misfire while it’s stored, becauseyou definitely don’t want that to happen in your pocket or purse. Unlock yourdevice, which you can typically do with five clicks in rapid succession. Mostvapers simply get in the habit of clicking the button rapidly until theindicator light turns on, so you don’t have to literally count out five clicksevery time.
  • Onceyour device is unlocked, press the main fire button three times to access thedevice menu. Your menu may vary slightly depending on your model, but at thispoint, your mission has been a success - you’ve turned on your vape.
  • Afteryou’ve enjoyed a good vape session, turn off your SMOK device by accessing themenu system again. Scroll through your options until you reach the poweroption, which may read ‘Power On’ or something similar. Using the main firebutton, change this to read ‘Power Off’.

Stillnot switching on?

These basic steps should get your SMOKVape (whether it’s a SMOK mod UK orany other product) up and running and can generally be relied on to work themajority of the time. However, if attempting to unlock your device doesn’twork, you can try doing one or two different things

  • The vapebattery needs to be charged. Have you charged your vaporizer recently? Youshould have a pretty regular charging schedule and make a habit of plugging itat the same time every day. It’s also important to make sure that the cord isfully inserted, so that the electrical connection can be made. Always confirmthat the USB light turns on to indicate that the device is in charging mode.
  • Ifthe battery is dead, you can push the button a hundred times, but the resultwill be the same – it won’t turn on. Try charging your device fully, and thenmake another attempt to power it up.
  • There’sa faulty connection somewhere in your device. Whether it’s a bad charger or afiring pin that’s getting stuck, anything that leads to an incompleteelectrical connection is going to be an issue. It could be that your firing pinhas vape juice on it, or it might not be coming in contact with the charger.
  • Ifyour battery has grime or dust on its connection points, that could be causingthe problem as well. Use dry tissue or a cotton swab to gently clean theconnection points, and then try the charging process again.

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