Vape mods are incredibly customisable, but one element which is often overlooked is the charger.

Vaping on the go can be tricky if you don’t have a good charger to go with it, vape mods even more so. Vape mods are devices that give you the opportunity to chop and change the different components inside a device, such as the coil and atomiser head, ensuring that you are vaping the way you want and with the kit that suits you. One element which is customisable but is often overlooked is the vape charger. With a choice of internal and external vape batteries as well as a wide range of charging kits available, we thought we’d give you a rundown of what to expect from these vape accessories in the UK.

How do vape chargers work?

Vape chargers come in a range of forms and are usually plugged into the mains or the port of a computer. These chargers come in a range of shapes and sizes but usually act as a USB or mini USB shaped port in the vape device or battery pack. These chargers don’t charge the device itself but the battery within. Whether internal or external, the vape battery is charged to its maximum and when so, powers the rest of the device. Most vape mods will have an LED light somewhere on the device, which will shine when charging, and flash when fully charged.

Internal batteries

Most early vape devices have internal vape batteries. With cigalikes often being disposable, you can find a wide range of cartridge based devices which last for around 500 puffs. These work with vape batteries which cannot be taken out of the device and when they degrade, the device becomes dead as well. That’s why these devices are often lower powered and cheaper than your average vape mod.

There are internal battery devices which can be charged using USB ports, but again these will eventually have to be replaced.

External batteries

Devices with external vape batteries are the most common form of device you’ll find in UK vape shops. This is because batteries you can take out add to the customisation and flexibility of devices. Much like with the coil and tank, vape mods allow you to take out the battery so you can choose the kind you want use. These device are usually charged through battery charging packs, requiring you to take out the battery to charge it. External batteries will prolong the life of a vape device and are the most common form found in higher powered and rebuildable decks.

So, what charging packs are available at No. 1 Ejuice, and what makes them so special?

Aspire Breeze Charging Dock

The Aspire Breeze uses an internal battery and so you need a charger for the entire device rather than just for the battery. The charging dock for the Aspire Breeze is a nifty little portable charger which is small enough to bring with you anywhere. This power bank is charged through mains or a computer, using its USB cable, and once fully charged, will power your Aspire Breeze up to 3 times over.AWT battery charger 2A

If your device works with several external 18650 batteries at once, then having a charging kit for them is key to ensuring a long lasting vape session.The AWT battery charger gives you mains powered or USB port powered charging for up to 4 batteries at once.The nifty pack is pocket sized and discreet, giving you a simple to use charging pack to juice your vape batteries.

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