What do you usually do once you wake up? How about a spot of breakfast? That would be a good start as it’s the most important meal of the day! One of the standard staples at breakfast time is a bowl of cereal, served with a refreshing helping of milk. Some of us might buy our supply from the local supermarket, while others get it delivered to us. Who is this person that delivers? The Milk Man, that’s who. If you are a vape or an e-cigarette user, you can start your day with an unmistakable cereal-like flavour.

One Hit Wonder’s The Milk Man is an e-liquid with a delicious mix of strawberry and cream to make the milk based experience all the more delectable. Try out The Milk Man flavour and you can treat yourself to a blend of smooth cream as soon as you want. It isn’t until you keep vaping that you will detect the sweeter hint of strawberries with a fresh and fruity complement. This latest flavour requires a little bit of care and preparation so you can fully benefit from the tasty tones.

Don’t take our word for it – check out the reviews from vapers’ feedback on the One Hit Wonder site – those who have included it as part of their vaping routine:

“This e-juice is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!! The taste is not heavy or fake… It tastes like the best strawberry milk/milkshake you can remember having. NO Chemical taste at all.”

“This juice is the best I have had. It definitely lives up to the hype. It is now my juice of choice!”

“Great juice at a great price! Even the non-vapers liked the aroma.”

“We were blown away at how AMAZING this is!!!! It has become both of our all day vape ejuice!”

To match the demand and popularity of vapes and e-cigarettes, the amount of attractive and unique flavours are becoming more and more plentiful. Together with the healthier aspect of smoking, the appeal for smokers to switch to vaping is even greater with the variety that sounds far better than “tobacco breath”, “fuzzy tongue”, or having people say you smell like an ashtray. Cereals and fruity blends are proving to top sellers, especially when you can pick your own favourite recipes and concoctions.

According to Cigbuyer.com, “Although cereal flavoured e-liquid is nothing new, over the past few years e-juice companies have gotten a whole lot better at perfecting them. Gone are the days of calling a creamy fruit flavour a “cereal”; today’s cereal flavoured e-juice combines various grains, sweeteners and milk to produce authentic tasting blends that accurately replicate your favourite morning breakfast treats. In many cases, cereal flavoured e-liquid combines two of the most popular flavour categories (deserts and fruit), resulting in complex and layered flavour profiles that keep things interesting,” and “today’s e-juice “mixologists” have taken the art to a whole new level!”

Now for the fine print: The Milk Man needs approximately two to four weeks steeping time. For distinguished vapers, you already know that the longer you leave your e-liquid to steep, the stronger the flavour for you to relish. First you need to open the cap of the bottle for a few hours as soon as you get it. For best use, you should also shake up the e-juice on a daily basis or store it upside down in a dark, warm place. The Milk Man comes in a 180ml bottle (plus two additional unicorn bottles) and features between 3mg to 6mg of nicotine, with a ratio of PG20/VG80.

Try out The Milk Man and see if it delivers the flavour for you. Get your e-liquid now for only £39.95, reduced from £44.25. This offer gives you a saving of £4.30 to enjoy even more with this new, delicious purchase.

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