A Billion Lives is a documentary film hitting screens around the world as we speak. This film is looking to be the biggest boost to the industry to date, with certain governing bodies already revising their laws on vaping as a result.

What sets this film apart from other documentaries and short films is that it was not funded by either big tobacco or any E-cigarette manufacturers. On top of that, none of those who took part in making the documentary smoke or vape, therefore there is no bias either for or against vaping.

As we all know, the TPD is set to drastically change vaping in the UK, as well as the FDA’s regulations in the US. Both of which could see our access to potentially life-saving products as well as some of our favourite E-liquids disappear, however this film could force governing bodies to revise the ridiculous rules that are set to be put in place soon.

The documentary appears to expose big tobacco and set straight the lies that have been told throughout mainstream media channels. We heavily suggest that you check out their website and Youtube channelre-tweet them and share their trailer everywhere. 

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