Vaping is a game for those who want to cut down on the cigarettes. But what tips could vaping pros give the newbies?

On the surface, vaping looks as easy as lighting a cigarette. You fill up the tank, you press the power button and you simply inhale. Whilst the more primitive devices such as the cigalike may be that simple - and for good reason too - the more complex vape devices out there need to be handled with a little more finesse. Below you can find just some of the tips which will help you to enjoy your vaping experience and perhaps even enhance it.

Understanding PG and VG

These are two of the crucial ingredients in vape juice and form the organic compound on which the nicotine and flavourings are added to. Propylene glycol is responsible for carrying the flavour of the vape juice, so a higher PG ratio will mean you’re more likely to have a stronger taste but a lower vape cloud density, which is what the vegetable glycerin is responsible for.

Tank or dripper?

Tank controlled devices and dripper vape devices have their own positives and negatives and it’s up to you to decide which suits your needs best. Whilst having a tank in which you siphon your e liquid will help you to vape on the move, it will also lessen the taste and potency of your inhale. A dripper on the other hand allows you to drip e liquid straight onto your atomiser, meaning that you get a stronger taste but do have to continue dripping onto your device every 10 to 20 inhales.

Travelling with your vape

Different countries have different laws much like with any other part of life. Whilst some countries will allow you to vape in public, others will fine you for even being seen with one. This means that you must always check the country you’re travelling to for their laws and views on vaping. What’s more, making sure you have safely stowed your vape device and related paraphernalia when travelling by plane is essential so as not to find any leaks or breakages upon arrival. You can’t expect baggage staff to treat everything as carefully as you treat your vape device.


Finding your favourite vape flavoursis one thing but making sure that you are getting a good range is another. It’s easy for people to stay vaping with one flavour, but finding the right mix to match your mood is a great way to add colour to your day.

Cleaning your tank

Tank cleaning is important so as to make sure you don’t get a buildup of gunk. On top of this, you’ll want to make sure you have a clean tank so as to get the most out of your flavours. To clean your tank, simply leave the tank in warm soapy water and allow it to soak for a few minutes before rinsing it out, this will ensure that your tank is clean for filling up again.

E liquid

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