Common Vaping Mistakes

Eventhe pros get on the wrong side of these vaping faux pas.

Vaping is very popular indeed and it’s notsurprising that with this surge of popularity, lots of people who are new tovaping have fallen into the trap of making big mistakes. This can end inembarrassment, bad tastes or even device malfunctions. It’s not just for yourown enjoyment that you should vape correctly but for your safety as well. Belowyou can find some of the common mistakes that often plague vapers, and some ofthe ways to rectify these.


If your vape device is running low on e liquidor it is heating up too fast for the system to handle, you may experience a dryhit. These happen when the coil begins to burn and can lead to a terribletasting vape hit. To avoid this, make sure you are not vaping at a temperaturewhich is too high or that you’re not using any bad quality coils, mouthpiecesor atomiser heads.

Oversaturatingthe wick

Over saturating your wick with eliquid means that the cotton around the atomiser head has been soakedthrough too heavily. This is especially common a mistake for those using driptips, meaning tankless devices which have the e liquid dripped directly ontothem. If you’re looking to stop this from happening then make sure that thecotton you are using is not soaked through and that your tank is fitted tightenough for the juice not to leak.

Blowingthe circuit

It is often the case with unregulated modsthat those who are inexperienced with circuit building can sometimes short itout. The reason for this is that unregulated mods do not have the safety featuresin place like circuit breakers. This is so that the vaping veterans among uscan build their own circuits and enhance their vaping experience and is whyunregulated devices are specifically designed for those with more experience.Stay clear of these unless you know how to rebuild your own devices?

Toomuch nicotine

One flexible aspect of vaping is in the factthat you can choose how much nicotine is in your vape device. For those who arelooking for a larger nicotine hit, the sky’s the limit, especially with nicsalt devices which you add your own nicotine solution to. This can backfire ifyou add to much and feel sick though. The best option is to find out what levelof nicotine will meet your needs and to make sure you don’t exceed it.


Failing to clean out your tank between vapecartidges or flavours can lead to some unwanted effects. If any of the oldjuice has congealed, then it is possible that you could end up with spit backor weird flavour mixes. Make sure you take the tank off of your device andclean it, as well as replacing the wicking cotton so as to get the most out ofyour new e liquidflavour.

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