Cloud chasing is the name given to optimising vape devices for huge clouds of vapour. These techniques are often used in vape trick competitions and is one of the most satisfying aspects of vaping. Whilst cloud chasing is extremely fun, it can be rather difficult to get good flavour from the this it produces. The reason for this is that big clouds and big flavour don’t necessarily go hand in hand. The bigger the cloud, the more diluted you want the vapor, ensuring that your inhale is not too overwhelming. If you’ve been cloud chasing for a while, you might have forgotten the joys of big flavour, and equally, a new vaper might not know the device well enough to optimise their new juice. If you’re a budding vape connoisseur or looking to get into the vape testing game, then the tips outlined below can help your e liquid pack a punch, whatever your tastes are.

Tighten up the airflow

The airflow is usually controlled by an adjustable ring on the vape device, often found near the tank, giving you a chance to find your perfect amount of air in your vape hit. The perfect vape hit for the flavour chaser is with as restricted an airflow as possible. This means that you get as much flavour as possible in your vapor, with very little interference from outside air.

Increase your PG levels

Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are the two compounds onto which vape juice is mixed. The vegetable glycerine gives the vape juice its thickness, whilst the propylene glycol gives it the flavour and carries the nicotine. Most low nicotine, cloud chasing juices come with a higher vegetable glycerine ratio, but if you want a more flavour orientated vape juice, then look for the higher PG level mixes.

Find the right coil

Some coils are great for cloud chasing, whilst others are the perfect flavour booster. The best vape coils to go for to maximise flavour production is the sub ohm coil. These coils allow you to vape under one ohm of resistance, ensuring that your device creates not only more flavour, but more vapour as well. So, if you want to get the best of both the flavour and cloud chasing worlds, then ensure you invest in a sub ohm coil for your RTA device.

Try Mouth to Lung vaping

There are two main styles of vaping, direct to lung and mouth to lung. Direct to lung vaping is the main style of vaping for cloud chasing, in which you inhale the vapour full force from the mouth piece and into your lungs. Mouth to lung vaping is more like smoking, where you take the vapour into your mouth before sucking it into your lungs. This latter style puts flavour at the forefront of the vaping experience as the vapour makes a tantalising stop over on your taste buds.

Experiment with your TC device

Make sure that when you vape with flavour in mind, you find the right temperature for that particular e cigarette liquid. All second to third generation vape devices should have temperature control settings. The best way to ensure that you have the right temperature for your flavour is to start vaping the new flavour at a low setting, before slowly dialling up the TC.

Don’t scrimp on your juice quality

Make sure that when you purchase your vape juice, that you are not wasting your money on a knock off juice. Premium juices are available at most good vape shops and ensure that every hit is full in flavour.

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