In the summer of 2017, Euston Station in London was evacuated due to a large bang which was feared to be a bomb threat. When the bomb disposal team approached the bag, they thought was the source of the threat, they found a burst vape device inside. This mishap was covered in the news and on social media, perpetuating the dangers of an exploding vape batteries, and the harm it could have caused. All over social media and online news, you’ll be able to see stock photos and horrible depictions of the injuries sustained from short circuiting vape devices.

Whilst there are certainly records of these happenings, the frequency of the threat doesn’t seem to match the attention they receive. These solitary instances of vape explosions have been amplified by the focus on them, and whilst these events are certainly newsworthy, they are prone sensationalism. Whilst vaping has been known to cause these explosions and indeed electrical fires, there is still too much leaning on the negatives rather than the positives, especially when it comes to household emergencies and accidents.

Vaping, cigarettes and housefires

Last year, the London Fire Department joined forces with the nationwide Stoptober campaign to tackle household fires, many of which are caused by smoking. The home of a smoker studies find, are 266 times more likely to experience a house fire. With 5950 smoking related fires reported in London alone from January to October 2018, it’s important to remember just how dangerous smoking can be, not just on your health but on the world around you.

Cigarette dangers

As mentioned above, there have been a wide range instances in which cigarettes have caused forest fires. There have also been household and interior fires caused by a dropped ember on dry ground, alongside the far less dramatic occurrence of cigarette burns in clothing. This damage, combined with the waste produced by cigarette butts, has led to the increased use and promotion of vape devices and e liquid flavours.

How do vape devices stop fires?

So, what makes vape devices and e cig liquids stand out as safer alternatives? There is one crucial element which stops the spread of fire, and that’s fire itself. Without the use of fire and burnt material in its usage, vaping has jumped the first fire free hurdle. Heat not burn products use electrical heat energy rather than the burning of organic matter.

Regulated electrical circuits

The way that vape devices stop electrical fires though, is using regulated electrical circuits. With many variable voltage and wattage devices, the circuit is protected from overloading through a mechanism which shuts down the power if the wattage or voltage becomes higher than that which the battery can handle.

Unregulated mech mods and the dangers of system overloading

All batteries usually come with a maximum voltage and wattage. These are adhered to in a normal regulated circuit. In a mechanical mod however, which has a completely free circuit, the rules are a little different. To make the unregulated mech mod as personalised and flexible to the vapers needs as possible, the circuit is left entirely up to your own configuration. This works wonders for those who know how to build a vape circuit but can have dangerous consequences for those who are less savvy on their ohms law.

How to vape without the risk of fires

First off, only use mech mods if you are comfortable with building your own circuits, ensuring that you are brushed up on your ohms law. Secondly, never overcharge your vape device or leave it charging overnight as this can lead to a battery overload. Third, make sure that you are using the correct batteries for your vape device. Always read the manual before charging up your vape device, ensuring that you are using the right tools and power sources.

CigarettesVaping and fires

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