Cloud chasing has become one of the biggest phenomenon’s in vaping history. Here’s how you can get involved and master the techniques.

Look at any country in the world where vaping is a big part of the culture and you’ll no doubt find a vape contest somewhere. Most of these contests involve vape product sponsored pros blowing and performing tricks with and in their large vape clouds. The very fact that this has been turned into a sporting event shows just how popular billowing thick vape clouds can be. Cloud chasing as it is known, is so popular because of how satisfying these clouds can be, not to mention beautiful to watch. It may be the very thing which peaks people interest in vaping. That being said, it can be difficult to master the biggest and thickest clouds, which is why we’ve compiled a few tips you can use to really capitalise on your vape clouds and get the most out of your vape liquid UK.

Upgrade your kit

Many ex-smokers tend to go for a cigalike device or a starter kit vape pen. Whilst these are great to start your vape experience with due to their likeness to cigarettes and ease of use, for the best vape clouds you should really upgrade to something a little more hefty. With a wide range of box mods and vape devices which cater to cloud chasing, the world is your oyster. All you have to do is simply step up your game when it comes to the complexity and power settings of your vape device.

Go higher on your VG ratio

Two of vape liquids most important ingredients is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. These two ingredients act as a base compound which carry the other elements in a vape liquid. these are usually shown on vape packaging by the VG/PG ratio. If you’re looking for a stronger taste then a higher propylene glycol vape juice is the one to go for, but vegetable glycerine has a thicker viscosity and so creates thicker vape clouds. For the best vape clouds, find a vape juice which has as high a VG content as possible.

Check your airflow

Many vape devices allow you to increase or decrease your airflow. A smaller airflow is useful for those who want a more concentrated throat hit but a larger air flow will allow you to take in more vapour. A heft inhale is key to killer cloud, so adjust your airflow and make a mark.

Change coils

Coils are the piece of wire that run between your vape devices battery and ejuice tank. These are usually made of alloyed metals or ceramics and after a long time they will begin to wear down and degrade. This is because coils, especially the metal ones, will react and oxidise with the heat they are constantly exposed to. Replacing a coil is unavoidable, and without one which is in working order, you could be facing dry hits and meagre vapour clouds. Install a new coil to pack a real punch. There are plenty out there to choose from, and finding the one which suits the optimum power of your vape device is vital for those denser vape clouds and satisfying hits.

Increase your power

Upping the power on your vape will increase the wattage. 40 W will mean smaller vape clouds than a 100 W setting and finding the right medium which won’t blow out your vape device and wills till give you massive clouds is key here. One thing to keep in mind when upping your power settings is that it will generate more heat, so make sure that your airflow is increased. Everybody has their own preference when it comes to vaping airflow and power settings, so it’s a case of experimenting to find what works for you. One tried and tested balance is a bigger airflow and larger wattage.

Know Ohm’s Law wattage

once you begin working with adjustable power settings, finding the sweet spot of vapour production is a case of not only increasing your power settings but finding that sweet spot through the maths of ohms law. The resistance in a coil and more generally a vape device is measured in ohms, and is one of the two units of measurement used to measure the overall power of your vape device. The other is the voltage, the measurement of electricity in a battery. Squaring the voltage and dividing this by the resistance will give you the wattage. Keeping this rule in mind, known as ohms law, will give you the perfect way to select your vape parts for their potency. You will be increasing the overall power of your vape device and by proxy, it’s vape clouds will become even more dense and thick as well.

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