Vapers tongue is one thing, a burnt taste is nothing on a burnt tongue though.

Vaping is often cited as a far safer alternative to smoking due to the heat not burn process releasing far less noxious chemicals into your body. Although it may not be lethal, constant spit back can lead even the most enthusiastic vaper to put down their device for good. It’s no surprise either, spitback can be painful and may be a sign that your device needs some recalibrating or worse still that you need a new one entirely! So what is spit back and how can you avoid it when vaping your favourite e liquid UK?

What is spitback?

Spitback is a phenomenon that can happen quite often in vape devices which allow the vape juice to get too hot. The vape juice can spit back from a firing coil, going in all directions. Sometimes you can be unlucky enough to get a flaming hot droplet of vape juice shooting down the mouthpiece, leading to a nasty surprise alongside your vape hit. This can lead to blisters and burns in the mouth if it happens too regularly meaning that there can be serious health risks. Of course, a spitback episode with this much severity is very rare indeed, usually just giving the vaper a surprise.

What causes spitback?

There’s only one cause of vape spitback, and that’s one concerning the coil. The coil is the part of the vape device which connects the battery to the atomiser, letting the heat travel through the device and turn the e liquid into vapor. Spitback occurs when the coil becomes cooked as opposed to vapourised, meaning that the wick bubbles vape juice and spits out hot liquid. This can lead to you accidentally sucking up some of the boiling hot liquid, a similar outcome to when a coil becomes too saturated.

Take the fight back

All hope is not lost however, there are a variety of ways you can defend against spitback. Whatever the reason for the problem, there’s a solution which can help you not only stop spitback, but enhance your vaping experience at the same time.

Is it the drip tip?

If there’s simply no way you can stop your vape device dripping, there are several solutions you can find which will defend the mouthpiece against the spitback. DIY techniques include placing a piece of thin cloth over the mouthpiece so you still inhale the vapour but do not get any of the boiling hot juice in your mouth. Another method is to cut down a pipe screen from other smoking tools, so that you can fit it into your vape device. There are also many more recent vape devices which have incorporated anti spitback measures, such as angled drip tips which make sure that vape juice physically can’t make its way to your mouth, hot or not.

Turn up your power settings

The problem may be that your vaping more e juice than your device is producing. This could be a simple case of turning up your power settings to match your inhale. Alternatively, you can try to vape a little gentler, meaning you’re less likely to suck up any unwanted spitback.

Replace your wick

Not usually a problem with sub ohm tanks, RTA vape devices, that is rebuildable “drippers”, can often become flooded due to the vape device not having enough wick inside it. Add more or rewick your device so that more of the juice is saturated when you’re dripping in. if your vape device floods, then the flooded vape juice is at risk of heating up and becoming cooked.

To rewick your vape device, make sure that all tubes leading from tank to chamber are covered, yet avoiding making them too dense. With some leeway, the packed wick will be saturated by vape juice.

Replace your coil

It may be a case of completely changing your coil. It could be that your coil is burnt out to the point where you can even taste burning aside from the spitback. The overheated vape juice could very well be a case of broken coils, in which case it’s a simple step of replacing it. You can buy coils from most vape shops, and of all different shapes and sizes so that you can find what works best with your vape device.

Up your VG ratio

Most of us know that vape juice is made up of a balance of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These two substances have different effects on the consistency of the vape juice, PG heavy juices giving off thinner vapour. Higher PG juices are more likely to flood your vape device, VG juices being the ones that give thicker clouds ripe for cloud chasing. To minimise your chances of spitback, change the ratio of your vape juice.

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