It is a question you might hear or get asked a lot: What is the best e-cigarette brand? You might be a smoker who is hoping to kick the habit or someone who wants to try vaping recreationally. It’s always good to know what brands deliver the best quality vape products and why. The last couple of years have seen the e-cigarette industry explode into an empire in its own right. Popular e-cig brands have been popping up all over the UK and with so many to choose from, it’s a tough call deciding which one is worthy of the top spot. Let’s look at some of the main contenders in the e-cig industry and examine why they are so popular.

No1. Ejuice

One of UK’s leading stockists of e-cigarette liquid, No1. Ejuice guarantees excellent products at wholesale prices. No.1 Ejuice only stocks the tastiest, highest quality vape liquids, providing you only the best products for you needs. Dedicated to bringing you the best e-juices & e-cigs supplies, they offer over 60 brands and more than 400 pure, uncut juice flavours with different nicotine strengths, plus Vaping devices and accessories that matches the taste and preference of every Vaper.


Launched in 2013 with the help of British American Tobacco, Vype is a brand which offers high quality, unique vaping products making them one of the best e-cigarette brands around. It’s diverse and eclectic range of vape juices, devices and accessories set them apart from other providers of e-cigarettes. Vype has a popular set of e-cigarettes such as the easy to use e-stick which comes with a charging case, and the recently released small and mighty Vype Pebble. Whether you want to give up smoking completely or just want an enjoyable vape, Vype offers wonderful products at great prices that deserve a second look.

An Electronic Tobacconist Exclusive: Hoxton

Found exclusively in the Electronic Tobacconist store, Hoxton is a brand that creates stylish, great quality e-cigarettes, making it a popular choice for many people. This affordable brand offers a range of products such as the Hoxton Original Starter Kit which is perfect if you’re just starting out with the brand. They also stock a diverse range of great tasting vape juices and there are great accessories like coil packs and clearomizers which will ensure your Hoxton device is performing at its optimum at all times.

BLU Cigs

BLU Cigs is a well-established, popular e-cig brand which is known for its intense vaping experiences and for creating more vapour than other e-cig cartridges. Many people choose BLU Cigs for their sleek and user-friendly devices which come in different sizes and designs. The BLU logo is renowned for creating a satisfying and memorable vape whether you’re new to vaping or an advanced user. BLU Cig customers can choose from a selection of authentic tasting e-liquids which are made with the finest ingredients. The PRO device has indicator lights which notify you of the battery’s level, while the PLUS+ offers you up to 500 satisfying puffs from just one cartridge.


Founded in 2011, Chinese brand Innokin is easily one of the most popular e-cig brands in the world. This creative team behind Innokin created a technology which allows the device to switch off and also users to monitor the battery level. Functionality and helpfulness are the qualities that make Innokin stand out from other competitors. They offer a uniquely vibrant array of devices such as the Cool Fire IV Kit and the iTaste V3 which utilize the great technology this brand has created. Puff counters, auto-off technology, battery levels and micro USB charging ports can be found in many Innokin devices and will endure that you always have your trusty e-cigarette fully charged and ready to use. All of these features and more are some of the reasons Innokin is a top contender in the e-cig industry.


Despite its recent arrival to the e-cigarette industry, Aspire has quickly become one of the leading brands in the world of vaping. Founded in China in 2013, Aspire has over 25 patented products which are uniquely crafted and of the highest quality. This brand is constantly exploring and developing new products, aiming to release a new product to the market every three months. Known for its eye catching designs as well as for having brilliant mod boxes like the Plato, Odyssey and EVO75, Aspire is a brand which successfully meets the vaping community’s aspirations.


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