E-cigarettes have taken the world by storm for various reasons. They don’t contain the same harmful chemicals as cigarettes, are much cheaper in the long run, and don’t make you clothes and breath smell bad. Though e-cigarettes have been proven as safer and better for people’s health there are still a proportion of the public who think they are dangerous. In the media, there are an exaggerated proportion of stories about e-cigarettes blowing up, and this is the reason for the public lack of faith in these devices. The question is: Are these fears legitimate? The answer is no. While there have been instances of e-cigarettes blowing up these cases are rare and should not mean there is cause for safety concerns. Here are some of the measures you can take to ensure there are no dangerous surprises with your e-cigarette.

What Is Contained In An E-cigarette?

Every e-cigarette is made up out of three basic components and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a robust pod mod or an e-cig starter kit- it’s always the same. They all contain a lithium battery, an atomiser and a clearomizer/cartomizer. The clearomizer is where the e-liquid is stored if you are using an e-pen or other advanced device. If you are using an e-cig that resembles a cigarette, the cartomizer is the small pre-filled cartridge which comes with your device. The atomiser uses a heating element to vaporize the e-liquid. Without this last component your e-cig would not be functioning at all: The battery. Small and very powerful, these lithium-ion batteries are the same kind that powers our smart phones, laptops and tablets. The one drawback with these batteries is that is if they get damaged they can heat up very quickly and explode.

What Are The Odds Of Yours Exploding?

Instances of exploding e-cig batteries are extremely rare and only one in ten million lithium batteries are recalled. Stories in the media sensationalise the few stories that are reported and this could be because they see the e-cigarette industry as an available target. Frightening media stories about exploding e-cig batteries do unfortunately sell and cause fear and misunderstanding in the public. This vicious cycle of the media spreading controversy over e-cigarettes is incredibly unhelpful and an inaccurate represent of the overall industry.

Looking After Your E-cig Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are preferred because of their ability to store large amounts of energy in a small space. The two ends of the battery are kept apart by a small separator. This rather fragile component can fail if your e-cigarette is knocked around, dropped or the floor or even slightly hit. The separator is an important feature of these batteries as it stops them from overheating. Overheated batteries are more inclined to explode.

What Can You Do To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t?

Although it’s highly unlikely your e-cigarette will ever explode, there’s no harm in taking good care of it. Thankfully there are some very important tips you can use to make your e-cigarette is never a hazard.

Follow The Instructions Provided

You can really diminish the chances of your e-cigarette failing by following the manufactures instructions. Using a charger that is not the same brand as your e-cig and overcharging your e-cig will reduce the life of your device. You should replace your battery approximately every 30-120 to ensure you get the utmost best out of your e-cig and of course- stay safe.

Don't Drop Your Battery

Imagine you dropped your phone in the bath. Would you still risk using it? The answer should be no: submerging anything electrical in water is potentially dangerous and should be avoided. You don’t want to risk your health over something that can be easily replaced.

Use An E-cigarette Carry Case

You might be tempted to leave your e-cig in your bag or in a pocket for easy access but your device can be damage this way. E-cigarette carry cases look amazing and are relatively inexpensive so it’s worth investing in one to make sure your device is dry, safe and clean.

Purchase Your E-cig From A Reputable Vape Shop

Nobody wants to find that they’ve wasted money on a counterfeit e-cig so make sure you purchase yours from a reputable brand. That way you get what you pay for, and are ensured the best quality. Electronic Tobacconist is a good place to start as they stock many of the best e-cig brands such as Vype, Innokin and BLU cigs. 

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