So you have decided to give up smoking for good but want to reduce your cravings for nicotine gradually, as this is apparently the most successful way in which to go about things. If you want to quit then you cannot just decide to go nicotine-free instantly, as you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms and this might just tempt you into buying a pouch of tobacco, just to tide you over.

If you want to experience the joys of vaping but haven’t a clue about how to get started then perhaps it is wise to invest in a complete kit rather than buying items separately. People who have prior knowledge when it comes to vaping might choose to purchase individual products from established suppliers but this is after years of practice. And you know what they say-practice makes perfect!

The exceptional SMOK Stick V8 Pen Kit creates the most spectacular, crowd-pleasing clouds and comes with a variety of attractive features. With a high quality battery which lasts all day you do not need to worry about having to re-charge your tank as you can take it with you wherever you go and it will not switch off unexpectedly.

And the coil head is also of an exceptional standard as well. The kit is available in sleek black, stark silver or stunning rainbow colours, and has been created with usability in mind. You really cannot go wrong with any product created by SMOK as they are universally considered to be one of the most reputable suppliers in the industry.

The Kanger Subvod Mega Kit is also super-stylish, and will most certainly impress even the most seasoned of vapers. The kit is widely available in black, white, red or silver shades, and features the highly desirable Top Tank Mini. The battery has been significantly improved, and now works like a dream. Just like the SMOK Stick V8, the Kanger Subvod is ideal if you are heading to work, or going out with friends for the night.

You will not have any concerns as regards how long it will last without needing to be charged again, even if you use e-liquid flavours for the duration of the day. The Kanger Subvod also comes highly recommended by satisfied customers, who say that it is reliable, affordable and produces clouds which are of the finest quality.

One of the most vital things which any vaper is searching for is flavour that lasts. After a couple of hits it sometimes becomes obvious that the taste has dulled a little, but if you decide to do some research beforehand and pick vapes which constantly exceed expectations then you will not encounter any problems.

No 1.EJuice has an absolutely fantastic range of superb vapes, including the best-selling Juicy Joy, Devil Kiss and Danger Island e-liquids. If you have been searching for the best e-liquid on the market then there really is nowhere better to shop. You can even ‘try before you buy’ if you are still unsure about which flavours you prefer.

If you have a sweet tooth then dessert e-liquids will really tantalise the taste-buds and create a taste explosion. Traditional fruity flavours are always popular, as they are not too overpowering, but are juicy, tangy and yummy. If you want to quench your thirst then drinks e-juices are perfect, as both coffee lovers and milkshake fanatics are catered for. Or how about a delicious glass of refreshing lemon iced tea?

There is something which caters for all preferences when it comes to e-juices, and even those who simply want a hit of tobacco can do so without the harmful after-effects. New products are being introduced on a regular basis, so there is even more choice for vapers who want to get the most out of their kit so that it enhances the overall experience.

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