Nowadays you will see advertisements which strongly advise you not to smoke any kind of cigarette, as it is not only harmful to you, but also others around you. If you have children, for example, then you should never smoke in the car as second-hand tobacco can be just as damaging as if you gave someone a cigarette and watched them inhale deeply. And smoking in the house is just as bad. Even if you keep the back door open or push windows ajar there is still the risk of toxins coming back through the kitchen or living room, which defeats the point entirely.

If you really feel the urge to have a cigarette then there are ways around this. Cravings can come at any given time, whether it is when you wake up in the morning or have one single cigarette left at the end of the evening and think that you can always go to the newsagents and buy some more on your travels the next day. You never think about how much you smoke in an entire week, but you could end up saving a fortune if you decide that it is a habit which needs to be quashed immediately.

And, considering the amount of money you now have to pay in order to purchase a full packet of cigarettes, a 20-a-day habit could end up costing nearly a hundred pounds a week. That is an astronomical amount, especially if you take into account those important bills which you need to pay at the beginning of the month, not to mention travel expenses and ever-inflating energy tariffs.

Vaping is a far better alternative, and has no long-term consequences as regards your health, according to leading experts. This is because an e-cigarette contains absolutely no tobacco whatsoever. In order to reduce your nicotine cravings over a continued period, you should maybe choose a vape juice that has a small amount of nicotine, rather than going ‘cold turkey’, as this is the most effective way in which you will forget that you ever smoked at all.

No-one can say that they are going to stop smoking forever and then stick to this plan if they roll a cigarette as soon as they wake up, as this is a feat which is nigh on impossible to achieve. Instead, they should wean themselves off tobacco for good by sampling the latest e-liquid flavours which have recently taken off, as they are not only cost-effective and consumer-friendly, but also taste absolutely beautiful.

If you have been dreaming about pancakes with that subtle hint of lemon drizzle or are salivating over cinnamon-coated doughnuts then you are in luck! What more could you possibly ask for than a range of delectable pudding-based e-juices which would turn the most ardent fanatics of a good old-fashioned cheese board into those who crave something sweet, succulent and sumptuous?

And, if you want to bring back memories from the past and re-create those childhood dreams then how about indulging in green apple, watermelon or strawberry lace e-juices? They have all the flavours of a traditional sweet shop without the sickly feeling afterwards, and you will feel as if you have filled yourself to bursting point without actually consuming a mouthful.

It’s a great way in which you can control what you are eating as well, as you will think that you have been a bit naughty but in fact it’s all in the vape! They are that tasty and moreish that you will want to come back time and time again in order to see what you can discover when you are feeling a little peckish but do not want to go overboard.

You can whip yourself up into a frenzy with Glazed Doughnuts by Loaded E-Liquid or experience a true taste of the USA by sampling Emulsion Pink Lemonade and Key Lime Cookies from Element. The choice is yours!

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