Like it or not; for novice vapers, there’s a lot to get their head around when they start out. Vaping is a wonderful pastime, but the devil’s definitely in the detail when it comes to getting the most out of it. And this invariably means lots of little questions pop into your head. For example, when switching one e-juice in your tank for another, do you need to replace your device’s coil? In short, the answer’s no, but it’s not *quite* as simple as that…

Why you need to clean out your tank

Essentially, it’s best to try and clean out your e-cig device’s tank when you switch e-juices; it’s far from a hassle as it only takes a few seconds. If you don’t do it, you’ll likely find a small amount of e-fluid residue’ll be left in the tank, ready to inevitably mix with the next one that fills it. This doesn’t mean the previous e-juice flavour will, therefore, definitely mix with the latter, but there could be something of a lingering of the old taste for a little while.

Take a drag or two – it’ll help

Even if you’ve taken a moment of two to wash out your tank, it’s highly likely you’ll end up tasting your previous e-liquid for a drag or two before the flavour fully settles on that of the new one; to be honest, it’s pretty much inevitable. That said, it should only be the case for a few moments thanks to the coil heating up and the new e-fluid properly flowing through the device, thus ushering out the old taste entirely.

Swap to a similar e juice – if you can

Owing to the inevitability of a slight lingering of the old taste then, your best bet to avoid any sort of cross-taste contamination is, more often than not, to swap over between relatively similar tasting flavours. This is a handy tip even should you have cleaned out the tank and prepared the coil. Indeed, there’s little doubt you’ll have something of a mixture of flavours for the first few pulls if you’re switching between flavours at either end of the taste spectrum. And should you aim as often as possible to move from one vape juice to a complementary one, you might even find yourself establishing ‘new flavours’ that, for your palate at least, are happy surprises and taste great.

So, when should you replace the coil?

The answer is in certain situations. For instance, you’ll want to change your coil when you move on from some specific vaping flavours – a good example here is menthol; a menthol-tasting e juice UK tends to be so strong it might well contaminate the taste of the flavour that replaces it and even the one after that. Yes, that’s right; until you take steps to prevent it, everything afterwards could taste… mentholy. Another instance when it’s advisable to replace the coil during a flavour switch is when you’re moving on to an e-juice with a markedly different propylene glycol (PG)/ vegetable glycerin (VG) mix than the one that preceded it. In this scenario, if you don’t change the coil, at best it’ll burn out the coil faster than necessary; at worst, it’ll give you harsh throat hits. Far from ideal – so do what you need to!

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