For novice vapers, one of the first things they discover is just how wide the choice of e-liquids really is. It may even feel a bit overwhelming for some of them – and yet, with choice comes freedom and the opportunity to track down and only vape the perfect e-juice for you as an individual vaper. So, what pointers should you be bearing in mind ahead of making a purchasing decision on that latest e-liquid that’s caught your eye…?

Flavour – the first thing on your list?

Let’s be honest; for many a vaper, it pretty much always is. The one fabulous advantage that vaping has over smoking conventional cigarettes (well, aside from the fact that e-juices contain none of the carcinogenic toxins that tobacco tar does) is that it affords you the opportunity to wallow in some the finest flavours known to man that have been dreamt up, cultivated and mass-produced by expert taste mixers – i.e. chemists who know their business inside and out. To that end then, it’s far from difficult to ensure you only choose and, thus, only vape e-fluids you’ll actually like the taste of. Any vaping specialist – such as us at No. 1 Ejuice – will undoubtedly stock a fine, diverse assortment of e-liquid options for their customers to choose from, so take advantage of it. Everything you could desire – from candy/ sweet concoctions to fruitily flavoursome efforts and menthol-tasting delights to even old-school tobacco-like flavours are all well catered for by the vaping market.

The right nicotine content for you

Whatever the e liquid flavours you’re after, it’s important too that your selection criteria includes seeking out the vape juice that comprises the correct nicotine level for where you are in your vaping journey at that very point. You’ll find, in order to cater for as many different vapers as possible, a vast array of e-liquids offer varying different nicotine amounts.

So, for instance, if you’re newly arrived from conventional tobacco cigarettes you’re not going to want to instantly transition to an e-juice possessing a relatively low nicotine content; that’s hardly going to sate what your body ‘needs’ and help wean you off the toxin-heavy ciggies. Yet, further down the line, it could well be you’ll want to seek out e-liquids comprising progressively lower concentrations of nicotine – perhaps all the way down to a level where there isn’t even a trace of the addictive chemical (0mg/ mL).

Go the natural route

As with food and drink, it’s generally in a vaper’s interest to keep things natural when it comes to vaping – that is, in terms of the ingredients that make up the e-juice you vape. Ideally, for health reasons, you don’t want to purchase and use one that’s heavy on additional ingredients; not least because it’s probably likely you won’t know what all these unnecessary ingredients might actually do to your body – so that means harsh chemicals and/or artificial flavourings and fragrances ought to be out.

To sum up then, while shopping around for only the best e liquid UK isn’t always the easiest task (one that can even seem slightly overwhelming on occasion), you can make sure you make the right decision for your vaping and yourself if you bear in mind the likes of the above points… before you purchase any e-juices and vaping equipment.

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