The Best Temperature Control for E-Liquids - What to Know

For many years, vaping methods have remained the same. Vapers rely on ohms and volts/watts measurements and coils to adjust their vaping experience. Often, vapers have to tweak their coil build and wattage to find their own sweet spot—the optimum desired setting of flavour and vapour productions.

Recently, temperature control for vaping has grown in popularity and most vapers have adapted to this method. Temperature control vaping is a technological solution that allows you to control the temperature of your coil when vaping. You will need two devices to achieve maximum effect – a temperature control device and nickel wire in your coil. These two elements complement each other well. When the coil is heated up beyond the standard temperature, the device will dwindle or even power off to protect the coils from overheating and avoid dry and burnt hits.

Through temperature control, you can create a consistent vape while taking intense and longer drags since the temperature remains constant instead of getting hotter. You only have to choose a temperature limit, then, the power that is sent to the coil is automatically adjusted to keep your coil and vape at the set temperature. Since its innovation in 2014, temperature control has been a feature in most new vape devices.

Best Temperature for Vape Juice

  • The ideal temperature range to achieve the maximum vaping effect is between 390°F to 490°F (198°C - 255°C)
  • The sweet spot for vapour and flavour is 420°F (205°C - 215°C)

390°F - 420°F

  • This is the range where the flavour is as great as its vapour production. 420°F is the temperature where flavor, vapour temperature, and vapour production is at its sweet spot, with the vapor cooler than those in higher temperature.

425°F - 450°F

  • In this range, the flavour and vapour production increases, with vapour temperature that is warmer. This is a good fit for those who prefer a warm vapour sensation. While the vapour output may be higher, the flavour may not as satisfying as with a 420°F temperature.

450°F - 490°F

  • This temperature range will give you much vapor but with a decent flavor. Additionally, vapor production is a bit warm at this temperature. You can go way beyond 490°F, but the vapour can become much warmer in this taste.

Most vape devices that can control temperature have as low as 200°F and as high as 600°F. However, at lower temperatures, flavor and vapour can be thin, while at higher temperatures, the vapour can be very hot.

Types of Coil Wires Capable for Temperature Control

  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Wire

Pros of Temperature Control

  • Longer Battery Life: Temperature control vape devices only use the power required to keep your coil at the set temperature. It has been estimated that it uses 1.5 less power than the other variable wattage vape mods.
  • Vape Consistency: With temperature control vapes, you can achieve consistency with each puff. In regular wattage vape devices, you get more inconsistent hits because the temperature of the coil changes as you puff—the longer the length of the hit, the hotter the coil.

Temperature control vaping is a great experience because it offers consistent vaping that normal vapes do not provide. Nowadays, it may not be as popular as regular wattage vapes, but it will undoubtedly become the main feature in all vape units soon.

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