How to Choose the Right Vape Juice for MTL or Sub-Ohm Tanks - Guide

Don't worry if you've been choosing vape juices based on flavours and nicotine levels alone. However, it is time that we tell you that there is more to it then just vaping away from your favourite juices. One of the considerations new vapers may not be aware of is that their vape tanks may not be designed to handle the vape juice of choice. They may not be enjoying the biggest fog or the fullest of flavours.

In general, there are two types of tanks: MTL (mouth-to-lung) and sub-ohm.

MTL Tanks

The name comes from the fact that some people draw the vape into the mouths first before breathing it into their lungs then exhaling all of it. This is the same technique that cigarette users do and will be the most natural way of vaping if they ever pick up the hobby. Because of this, manufacturers of MTL tanks have come up with a design that restricts air and juice flow, simulating the experience of a cigarette.

Many users who prefer vape juices with a high nicotine content will lean towards MTL tanks. Because of its restrictive nature, lighter vape juices work much more efficiently with MTL tanks.

Sub-Ohm Tanks

If you aren't aware of what sub-ohm means, it is straightforward. An ohm is a measure of resistance (at one ohm). Sub-ohm means going below 1 ohm, as opposed to standard vape tanks that can close to three ohms. How does going sub-ohm affect the way you vape?

Coils used in sub-ohms are relatively much more substantial, allowing for more juice to flow into it. As a result, when you draw from sub-ohm tanks, you get an extremely dense cloud. Of course, due to the more considerable amount of juice needed to create the plume of vapour, more power and liquid is going to be used up in the process. With that, sub-ohm tanks work better with thicker juice.

The Right Type of Vape Juice

To help you decide which type of juice best fits your vape tank, here's what you need to do. First, figure out what kind of tank you're using. Second, pay attention to the vape juice you're going to buy. If you have an MTL tank, look for juices with 50 per cent PG or lower, as they are much thinner and work the best with this type of tank. Any higher and your vaping experience will be filled with burnt bits of cotton and dry hits.

Meanwhile, a high PG percentage on vape juices is suitable for sub-ohm tanks, where there is a more significant channel allowing the thicker liquid to flow through. In addition to that, the higher heat sub-ohm tanks put out is perfect for vapourizing the liquid efficiently, giving you a dense cloud of vapour.

With newfound knowledge, you can now stop purchasing the wrong e-liquid for your tanks! Go out and get yourself the right set of vape juice in your favourite flavour, and marvel at the experience you've been missing out on the entire time.

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