It’s official – and it has been for a year or two now – according to the findings of a study commissioned by a UK Government-backed scientific body, vaping is as much as 95 percent less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes, packed as the latter are to the brim with all the carcinogenic toxins they of their tobacco content. In which case then, it’s really quite ridiculous so many workplaces, shops, pubs, bars and restaurants are constantly reducing opportunities for vaping in them, if not banning the activity on their premises altogether.

In this current climate then, in which vaping has grown to become such a contentious and controversial issue, splitting people down the middle (those pro-vaping and those against it, owing to spurious rumours and press reporting about its supposed health-harming properties), it’s becoming increasingly popular among vapers to keep a low profile when they vape; not always, that is, but sometimes. Primarily as not to generate hostility towards themselves in public when they’re using their trusty e-cig devices and tasty e-liquid. And, don’t doubt it, this is where stealth vaping comes in – the art of vaping on the quiet.

So, what is it?

Stealth vaping can be defined quite simply – it’s the act of vaping so as to give the impression you’re barely vaping at all. It’s all about decreasing, as much as possible, vapour clouds’ visibility. Yet there’s more to stealth vaping than merely that; it also obliges you, for instance, to control the aromas emanating from your e-juice vapour and to keep tight control over the make-up – and, therefore, size – of your e-cig or mod kit.

Why you might want to stealth vape

Vaping is, of course, becoming ever more adopted by new people every day, yet there are some very good reasons for enjoying your e-cigs or mods discreetly or even covertly. These are probably the most common:

  • Anti-vaping opinion – unfortunately, the bad press and spread of disinformation that vaping has had to endure since it first entered the public consciousness means that a proportion of people pretty much anywhere on the planet will be against it as a practice, wrongly convinced its hugely harmful to health; to this end then, stealth vaping can help e-cig enthusiasts avoid altercations with the ill-informed
  • Avoiding tobacco temptation – when vaping in public spaces, more often than not vapers find themselves lumped in with the conventional smoker crowd, mostly because of the lack of understanding that vaping is in no way anything like as dangerous as smoking tobacco, thus to vape at work and when out and about for leisure, vapers have little choice but to stand with or within eyesight of smokers; not that bad a thing in itself, you may think, but because many vapers are former smokers, they may wish to resist the temptation of ‘bumming’ a ciggie should they be around smokers, experiencing their second-hand smoke and possibly having to face peer pressure
  • It’s not anti-social – as established, vaping is not harmful in the same way to your or others’ health like smoking, yet far from everyone is going to be impressed if you start pluming clouds of vapour in a restaurant or even the cinema; should you want to vape in these sorts of surroundings then, stealth vaping’s the answer
  • It won’t set off smoke alarms – like it or not, the vapour from e-cigs and other devices like mods are recognised for setting off smoke alarms within buildings; not something you want to leave yourself open to causing thanks to producing clouds and clouds the next time you vape in the proximity of a smoke alarm instead of minimising your vapour via stealth vaping
  • Reduce your second-hand vapour – referring back to the first reason on this list for adopting stealth vaping on occasions, this one’s all about trying to prevent any unwarranted hassle from among those against vaping of ‘health grounds’; some people then are irrationally concerned about breathing in vapour from someone else’s e-cig or mod in exactly the way they are about breathing in ‘second-hand’ smoke from a conventional cigarette, but stealth vaping can hopefully reduce such misunderstandings bubbling to the surface in the first place.

Where’s the best place stealth vape?

Again, the answer to this question’s fundamentally pretty straightforward. An individual would look to stealth vape – as opposed to totally openly and obviously vape – when in public and surrounded by other individuals; that is, those hostile to vaping and those whose presence may make your vaping experience less than a satisfying one – smokers yet to try (or yet to successfully) kick a tobacco habit.

All in all, good luck – and have fun with your vaping, whether you’re someone who’s always upfront and open about it or are intrigued and merely fancy giving stealth vaping a try.


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